Saturday, 1 June 2013

Our honeymoon: Kuramathi Island Resort

I wrote earlier about Kuramathi Island Resort in the Maldives.  Well, here's the play by play of our honeymoon in the sun.  Kuramathi was gorgeous and their attention to detail made the whole experience - well - luxurious.

We set off on Sri Lankan Air, making a quick stop in Sri Lanka and then Male, Maldives.  We then boarded a SEA PLANE and set off to our island.  I had no idea what to expect - I had never been on a holiday, let alone an exotic holiday like the Maldives.  We had our own waiting area with bottled water and other treats.  I was jet lagged and hot, but still managed a smile!

When we arrived on a floating raft in the middle of nowhere, we were soon met by a boat which took us directly to the jetty on Kuramathi.  We were each greeted by our own escort who walked us to reception and made sure we had a cocktail, island overview and then took us to our Beach bungalow.  

Our bungalow had an outdoor shower - probably the coolest thing ever.  And a hop, skip and a jump later - the beach!!

On our first night we were sent on a sunset cruise with champagne and local entertainment.  Unreal.  Fabulous dancing!

We went to sting ray feeding a few evenings.  It was always dark so difficult to take photos, but we had to give credit to the poor guy feeding these things!

The food was amazing.  We had breakfast every morning in our buffet restaurant and then lunch and dinner in one of the island's amazing a la carte restaurants.    We were there for New Years, so the lights were still up from Christmas!

Most days we lounged on the beach, but the best bit was the snorkelling.  I never thought I'd enjoy it, but it was fabulous!  There were so many fish right on the reef - even a few Nemos!  We went on a boat trip to snorkel around some of the bigger reefs and that was a brilliant experience.

Oh yea, and there were sharks - everywhere.  They surrounded the island and Rich could often be found snorkelling around them at all hours of the day.  

Without a doubt, Kuramathi was the most amazing location for a honeymoon.  We were treated like royalty by the staff, and although we were only there for a week, it was well worth the travel.   I can't wait until our next visit!



  1. This is the most i've heard about your honeymoon. Glad to see you enjoyed it! Crazy kids!