Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Obsession: Iced Coffee

I promised Jen of Two Itchy Feet that I would share my Iced Coffee recipe.  I'm not gonna lie - it's addictive as anything and becomes an obsession after awhile.  In fact, today at work I couldn't make one and felt myself going through withdrawal symptoms.  Honest.

1.  Nespresso Pixie, 2. Linizio Nespresso Capsule (*new fav), 3, Cocktail Shaker, 4. Sweetex sweetener (because I am not sweet enough), 5. Ice Cubes, 6. Mason Jar, 7. Milk, 8. Fancy Straw 

Obviously there is any which way to do Iced Coffee, but this is my way with things I had available in my house.  

Step 1:  Brew coffee (large cup) into a cocktail shaker.  I add the sweetner at this point!
Step 2:  Place coffee in the freezer for five minutes.  (Thank goodness you brewed it in a cocktail shaker, right?)
Step 3:  Add ice to the mason jar (or whatever cup you happen to be using).
Step 4:  Pour now cooled coffee over ice.  
Step 5:  Add milk!
Step 6:  Insert swish straw, drink and repeat!

Love.  It.  Not a joke.  I'm pretty sure I could polish off a dozen vast quantities of these over a day.  I'm going to start a campaign to install a freezer at work. And then bring my Nespresso machine with me on a daily basis.  

Maybe a bit excessive...  Anyone else feeling the love for iced coffee these days?



  1. My only suggestion is making some coffee and then making ice cubes out of it so as to not dilute your coffee. That's what I do. : )

  2. I like your thinking! Although to be fair, I drink it so quickly the ice doesn't really have time to melt. Need to learn how to make even bigger portions!! x

  3. I'm too impatient to wait for it to cool down in the freezer. Thus the coffee cubes.