Friday, 7 June 2013

Happy Friday!

When I got home from work, B had the *brilliant* idea to BBQ in the back garden!

It feels like summer is here, and as it is such a rarity in England, we thought we would make the most of it. 

One of our guilt pleasures is Blue moon. It reminds us both of America - me, for the whole homesickness cure, and B because it just reminds him of the rockin' time we had back home this year. Lucky us found it in Sainsbury. This prompted me announcement that we would "become beer drinkers."

B made halloumi and pineapple - my absolute favourite. The last time we had this was on our engagement night on a beach in Cornwall. 

For a side, I made quinoa salad with sweet corn, soya beans, green beans, quorn chicken and pomegranate seeds. A little bit of honey and a dash of salt and pepper on this bad boy and we had a gorgeous meal! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Friday!  Happy weekend!


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