Monday, 29 July 2013

Cornwall - Part TWO!

I was so excited, I couldn't wait to post Part TWO of our Cornwall holiday!  On Day three we hit the roads and did a mini tour of north Cornwall.  

Port Isaac was our first stop - it is one of the more popular places to visit as an English tv show Doc Martin was filmed there.

It was another beautiful day, so we didn't mind stopping for a cup of tea by this cracking view.

Following that, we travelled up to Trebarwith Strand.  It was what looked like a tiny little beach near Tintagel, but when we actually got out to explore we saw it was a massive stretch complete with rock pools, pirate caves and about a hundred surfers!  As the sun was hiding, we decided to explore the caves.

I couldn't help having a little splash in the water (freezing water, I should add!) before we left.

We then headed north to Boscastle - famous for PASTIES!  Being a vegetarian, I never get to try the exciting flavours, but you can't go wrong with a good old vegetable pasty.  

I have never seen the tide so low in Cornwall - usually this area is completely covered in water!

When we returned to Bude we thought we had better make the most of the sunshine and had fish and chips and a halloumi salad on the beach.  We brought some Blue Moon (YAY to this being sold in the UK!) - the recipe for a perfect evening if you ask me!

It's only fair to point out that following this photo we were wiped out by a massive wave and I only just managed to jump up with the camera.  

But is THAT for a sunset!  The beach at Widemouth Bay will always hold a special place in my heart as that is where Rich proposed - BBQ on the beach, bowls (bocce) and bonfires!

Here's to many more Cornwall holidays!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Cornwall - Part One

School is OUT for summer!  But I'm not going to post about the academic year coming to a close - I'm going to write about our *gorgeous* four days in Cornwall!  We couldn't have asked for a better few days - it was the perfect end to B's holiday and a even better start to mine!

We were staying in Bude, right near the coast.  The view was amazing, although the weather wasn't exactly agreeable on our first afternoon and evening.

B decided he wanted to give surfing a go, so on the last day he made sure I was wrapped up on the beach with a cup of tea and hit the waves.  He was pretty good at staying on the board - I'm not sure I could have done that well!

We were unsure of the weather, so on day two we decided to head to the Eden Project in St Austell in order to make the most of the potentially wet typically English day. We went the last time we were in Cornwall (when we were engaged!) and fell in love with the place!  The bio-domes were steamy as instead of rain it was gorgeous sunshine, but unfortunately that meant that the top viewing deck was too hot (50 degrees Celsius!!).  

We enjoyed the outdoor gardens just as much as the domes -  I really liked the lavender fields (not because it reminded me of Norfolk  though!).

He spent ages in their garden with different types of vegetables from all around the globe.  I think he got a couple of shots for inspiration when we finally get a garden of our own.

B loved the plants (gardener at heart) and I loved the FOOD!   One of my favourite parts about the Eden Project is that the food they serve comes directly from their gardens.  You can even buy some of the plants!

It's hard to believe we were last there two years ago - so much has happened since then.  Moving in, marriage, finishing Med school...  Couldn't hope to spend it with a better man!

Eden Project, Summer 2011

Eden Project, Summer 2013

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pomp and Circumstance!

This post needs some serious background music.


I'm so proud of my hubby.  Six years of hard work, and I've been standing in the background cheering him on from day one.  He has always been so committed to study and has such a good rapport with patients and colleagues.  We are so lucky to have him working in our little town.

The day was gorgeous and he looked so dapper in his gowns.  I'm not too sure about that cap, but I think he pulled it off with grace and style.

Someone said to the Chancellor "Nice robes" during the ceremony when they shook his hand.  I have a sneaky suspicion it was B, but he would never admit to that.

B's parents were able to join us for the day and I know they were proud of all he has achieved as well.

All I can say:  I'm now a Doctor's wife.  I'm sure looking forward to playing that part!  I'm thinking some new shoes are needed - you know - so I look the part.

Next step: USMLE!


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Weekend fun!

We had a fabulous weekend this past Saturday and Sunday!  The week has been so busy I'm only able to write about it now!  The weather has been gorgeous and I have to admit - Norfolk is the place to be when it's sunny.

On Saturday, we googled PYO strawberries and found a place just up the road where you could pick strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries and all other things!

£1.40 is a bargain STEAL for strawberries. We will be heading back next weekend I'm sure!

We also ate our first courgette (zucchini) from our garden! Rich grilled it with peppers and stacked it with basil tomatoes. It was amazingly fresh and tasty.   We have about 11 plants so I'm starting to collect a few recipes just to change it up a little bit.  I quite like the look of this Bean, Tomato and Courgette recipe found in the Guardian.  

Right after dinner we headed out to the King's Lynn Festival Too. It's the biggest free music festival in Europe. Loads of local bands played but we were lucky enough to see the Soft Tone Needles, Diana Vickers, The Loveable Rogues and Stooshe. 

Diana Vickers was my favourite XFactor contestant so I was super excited. 

And let's be honest - there is nothing better than a ukulele. Loveable Rogues were my absolute favourite. Check out their audition for Britain's Got Talent here.  So adorable. 

Stooshe put on a fabulous show as well - couldn't believe their energy!  

Sunday morning was spent dancing for the show (sweating profusely), followed by an afternoon of tennis (MURRAY!!) and taco cups for tea. 

All in all: winning weekend!


Friday, 5 July 2013

The end of an era

We are in the final two weeks of school and I feel as though the minutes are taking hours and the hours are taking days!

I've finished my classroom decor just in time for a new form with new kids and fresh starts all around. I'm loving the atmosphere in my classroom as it feels so calm.

I was so sad to miss the 4th of July celebrations but manages to draw out a patriotic nod on my board. A few students even left a little message!

I think the highlight of the week had been receiving a gorgeous bought of flowers from my head of department and head of house thanking me for managing things while they are tied up elsewhere. 

It's amazing how a little token like that can give you fuel and a smile and the knowledge that people recognise and appreciate hard work. 

Feeling relieved that it's Friday but also proud of what I've achieved professionally over the past few weeks. 

With that said...Bring on the weekend!