Friday, 5 July 2013

The end of an era

We are in the final two weeks of school and I feel as though the minutes are taking hours and the hours are taking days!

I've finished my classroom decor just in time for a new form with new kids and fresh starts all around. I'm loving the atmosphere in my classroom as it feels so calm.

I was so sad to miss the 4th of July celebrations but manages to draw out a patriotic nod on my board. A few students even left a little message!

I think the highlight of the week had been receiving a gorgeous bought of flowers from my head of department and head of house thanking me for managing things while they are tied up elsewhere. 

It's amazing how a little token like that can give you fuel and a smile and the knowledge that people recognise and appreciate hard work. 

Feeling relieved that it's Friday but also proud of what I've achieved professionally over the past few weeks. 

With that said...Bring on the weekend! 


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