Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pomp and Circumstance!

This post needs some serious background music.


I'm so proud of my hubby.  Six years of hard work, and I've been standing in the background cheering him on from day one.  He has always been so committed to study and has such a good rapport with patients and colleagues.  We are so lucky to have him working in our little town.

The day was gorgeous and he looked so dapper in his gowns.  I'm not too sure about that cap, but I think he pulled it off with grace and style.

Someone said to the Chancellor "Nice robes" during the ceremony when they shook his hand.  I have a sneaky suspicion it was B, but he would never admit to that.

B's parents were able to join us for the day and I know they were proud of all he has achieved as well.

All I can say:  I'm now a Doctor's wife.  I'm sure looking forward to playing that part!  I'm thinking some new shoes are needed - you know - so I look the part.

Next step: USMLE!


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  1. Yay yay yay. As I was reading this, I was humming the graduation song, ya know? Da, da-da-da-daaaa-daaaaa... Congrats to Dr Berry. xx