Thursday, 7 June 2012

Grey Skies....continued

So the weather is "eh" - but I ventured out and came up with my top five "ME Day" treats.

1.  Get your nails done.  (My treat for today)  There's just something about sitting there and getting pretty that makes even a cloudy day seem sunny.

2.  Have a coffee, read a good book.  Nothing says sexy quite like the intellectual girl in the coffee shop.  Don't drink coffee?  Tea is just as nice.  Need a book?  Go for a classic:  To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, A Tale of Two Cities.  Or - just read the newspaper.

3.  Prepare for a DIY afternoon.  Find a task, go shopping and get home and create!  I found this little gem.  Photos will be posted as soon as everything is complete!

4.  Window shop for something a car.  Or maybe just a new camera. A sofa.  Paint for different rooms of your house.  Do some reading, check out some shops - maybe ask a few experts.  You don't have to buy it - it's just preparing for when you CAN.

5.  Pick a film, any film!  Happy ones, sad ones, ones that you would never admit to loving.  My "Me day" films usually consist of Bridesmaids, Pride and Prejudice or Mary Poppins.  Talk about diverse.  I'm imagining a glass of wine, duvet and bowl of popcorn.  What better way to say "I love ME" that that??

Can't wait to share my DIY!

Grey Skies

It's currently May half term, meaning we have seven more weeks of school.  Seven.  Most of my American friends are finishing up the school year, saying goodbye to their classes and starting to make the most of the gorgeous weather.

Jealous?  Me?  Nah....

Most of us here are just wondering when the sun is going to come out.  I'm sure it will eventually.  This time last year B and I were sunning ourselves in Hyde Park, London listening to Bon Jovi.  I have faith that it will eventually warm up and I can get my legs out.

So what are you meant to do on a dull, drab day?  I think the mini and I are going to go on a little adventure.   Who knows....


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Going Ape

B turned 31 at the weekend. So to celebrate I took him to Go Ape.  I think I underestimated my own abilities as it was far more physically demanding than I thought it would be!  B loved it though.  He even managed to smack his head because he jumped off of a platform backwards.  Show off....

After sporting the rather fetching climbing gear, we cleaned up for a lovely meal at The Crown.  I like the fact that I get to partake in B's birthday presents every year.

If you are in the country or area, I would recommend it.  If I managed it, I'm pretty sure anyone can manage it.  I didn't land on my feet after a single zip line, but I felt as though I landed rather gracefully....on my backside....


Reflections of an Everyday Life

I've thought a lot about starting a new blog.  My last blog discussed moving to the UK and learning how to live in this fabulous yet somewhat backwards society.  A lot has changed in five years.  I've grown up, I've learned to live and I've started the next chapter of my life.

New chapters deserve new reflections.

My life is nothing out of the ordinary.  But it's my life.

Five Facts which can be used as a table of contents:

1.  I love my fiance, B.   He's in medical school and we are planning our wedding for 27 December 2012.

2.  I *like* my little cottage.   It's adorable and looks like something out of a film....but there is no heat.

3.  I love my job.  I am an English teacher in a secondary school, but more importantly I'm deputy of my department, giving me the opportunity to get my hands into all sorts of initiatives.

4.  I love baking yet hate cooking.  Not sure how that works out, but it's the truth.

5.  I like to travel but don't do it very often.  I'm trying to get out and about more.  I suppose a trip up the road is like travel when you live in the English countryside.

See? Just an everyday life!