Thursday, 16 March 2017

Baby McBerry #2!


It looks like our little Berry patch is growing by one more this coming September. We are super excited - Emma is pretty indifferent. If you ask her if she wants a brother or sister, she'll say "sister."  If you ask if she wants a baby, she'll say "No."

You win some, you lose some I guess!

It looks like the blog is back with DOUBLE the trouble!  Emma and Baby McBerry 2 are coming at you! 

Let's talk about pregnancy because - how could you forget - I had a tough time when pregnant with Emma. Unfortunately, I'm victim to HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) for a second time. Fortunately, I'm allowed a heck of a lot more medication to try and control it. I'm able to function - so I've managed to go to work and drive and shower - you know, those little life luxuries I couldn't do when pregnant with Emma. I've got an amazing support network - B, my mom, dad and sister have been amazing and look after Emma when I just need to lie down.  The nausea is horrific, but I'm vomiting far less and able to eat and drink far more. I am hoping and praying it stops soon, as it does make for a very sad and difficult existence. 

I usually keep this blog as positive as possible, but I think there's something that needs to be said about HG.  

There are really great support systems set up for women suffering with HG.  It's not a joke, it's not morning sickness, and all of the normal "remedies" don't come close to helping.  This time is a little better than last time in the respect that I can function, but it's not fixed or bettered - people find that really hard to understand.  Some days are harder than other, some days are ok.  If there's one thing I've learnt throughout this whole process:  it's OK to find it difficult.  It's OK to be upset.  Yes, it's a blessing, but it's OK to find the sickness too much.  

A friend posted this article about HG pregnancies the other day and it really hit home for me.  It's brutally honest and says many of the things I'm not brave enough to say myself. No- it's not as bad as last time as I don't need fluids and have kept out of the ER, but the effect on me is just as powerful and just as bad. 

How far along:  14 weeks!
Weight Gain: 2 pounds
Maternity Clothes:  Oh yea. Mama isn't playing. I've got a nursing bra, maternity leggings and tops. I want to be comfortable and I want no pressure ANYWHERE near that bump. 
Stretch Marks:  Some of those old lines that faded are coming back to life. I've started slathering on some coco butter....we will see. 
Belly Button: What the heck is up with belly buttons!  It's week 14 and it's vast! It never really went back to normal after last time. I claim a design fault! 
Queasy or Sick:  Heaven help me. I take medication three times a day and I'm pretty good from 10-3. After or before is pretty ropey. Most nights I'm in bed by 6. 
Sleep:  Wonderful. Part of my medication cocktail is Unisom which is effectively a sleeping pill. It does truly tire me out so I sleep like a baby. 
 Best Moment of the Week:  This week I completed my FINAL weekend of Yoga Teacher Training (more on that later). I was so proud of myself because after ten weeks I was able to actually do a yoga sequence!  I've felt too awful to do much of anything, let alone yoga, and I did it!  
Worst Moment of the Week:  I had a night on my own without B and Emma. I saw a commercial for Taco Bell seven layer burritos and I immediately wanted one. Like - I was obsessed. I was too ill to move so I just sat whimpering to myself and looking pathetic. That's the worst moment of the week because it was pretty pitiful. 
 Miss Anything:  I could really REALLY go for a nice glass of wine. REALLY. 
 Movement:   Nothing yet! 
 Cravings:  Usually it's a Panera Asiago Cheese bagel and lemonade. Fortunately, I pass Panera four times a day. 👍🏻
 Looking forward to:  I have another scan in about a week. Until you feel movements, it's nice to know baby is still healthy and doing well.  I like that little bit of reassurance. 

And *new* this year...

Sister Emma's thoughts:  
Me: Do you like the idea of our new baby?
Emma:  I like the idea of apple juice.