Sunday, 13 September 2015

Long overdue: Goodbye Summer, Hello Working Mama!

I wrote this post ages ago and never clicked publish.  This is pretty out of date, but I thought I would share it with you anyways!  I promise to work on another, more current post tonight for you!  Today is Rosie's birthday and I know she would have loved to read a blog post today. So - Stay tuned!

Written August 17!

You didn't think I'd stop writing all together, did you?  Today is actually Emma's 13 month birthday!   She is so grown up - I can't believe how far she has come in such a short time.  

She's walking, she's chatting, she's leaving a wake of chaos.

That's life with a one year old, am I right?!

I've worked out a new way to keep you posted on our happenings each month - and there's been plenty happening in the Berry house these days.


Listening: Why is it that KLFM still rules the airwaves in this house.  Emma's favorite songs at the moment are "Ghost" by Ella Henderson and "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars.  We have taught her to dance with her fingers - just like mummy - and it's hilarious.

Eating: Let's talk about menu planning.  I've actually planned out my weekly menu, done the shopping in accordance and we are not only saving money but actually USING what I have in the house.  Clever, eh?  Emma has failed on a retrial of Sweet Potato and Carrot - although we have noticed her FPIES reactions are now more GI as opposed to vomiting.  It's a shame, but we are not out of the woods yet.  I have FINALLY mastered pancakes using quinoa flour and applesauce. 

Drinking:  Flavored coffeeeeeeeeee!  Ryders does a amazing selection of flavored coffee beans and we couldn't pass on S'mores and Pumpkin Brûlée coffee.  We grind it and use a cafetierie here at home - it's like Starbucks in our own home!  Emma isn't drinking much other than milk and water - that's a good thing!

Wearing:  It is still so hot here in Ohio - dare I say I'm craving Autumn and the crisp, cool air?  I'm cashing in my shorts and flip flops for heels and skirts.  Back to work means a lot of new things - not just a new wardrobe.  Emma is rocking out sweet little ensembles at her childminders and as she is on the move, I need to look into some new moccasins! 

Feeling:  Happy!  We are finally getting settled into our new house.  I can't wait until we are fully in order and can share photos.  It is starting to look more and more like home.  It gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling!  Emma is fiery as ever - she is truly an "Emma" by nature.  She knows what she wants and lets everyone know it.

Wanting:  Blinds.  I've been tripping over boxes of blinds for a week now.  I can't wait to have them up and off of my floor!  We ordered them through Lowes and it is taking ages to get them installed.  Emma wants everything.  In her mouth.  All of the time.  

Needing:   A good night of sleep.  I've not worked since April in England - I haven't needed to go anywhere by any time and I've not had to worry about dropping Emma off in the morning before rushing off to work since the good old KES days.  I need my mornings to go smoothly - especially as every minute is accounted for.  Emma has decided to sleep in (?!) as of a few days ago.  She was waking up at like 5:30 and now she's asleep at 6:30!  

Thinking:  I'm thinking an awful lot about my Aunt Rosie.  All of the furniture in the house, the car, clothes - everything is hers and should be hers.  I'm finding myself frustrated.  As grateful as I am for the generous gift she gave us, I wish she was still here.  

Enjoying:  At the minute, we are just enjoying our evenings.  B works such long hours that we need a bit of time in the evening to just do nothing.  Once bottles are done and lunches are packed we curl up with Downton Abbey.  Amazon Prime is our ticket to the series and we are seriously loving it.  We are currently on Season 2.  As for Emma, her greatest enjoyment is reading!  I drop everything when she hands me a book to read.  She loves board books and flip books.  I love her a little bit more for loving books!

How's that for a new twist on a monthly update?

Until next time?