Saturday, 17 January 2015

Happy Half Birthday, Emma!

How Old:   Six Months!  Half a year old!
Weight:   15 pounds (I think!  I can't get her weighed anymore!)
Likes:   Bouncing in the door bouncer and jumperoo, walks in the pram, putting anything and everything into her mouth, sitting in the high chair and playing with an orange (I know...)
Dislikes:  Baths on her own, a lack of variety (this kid....)
Eating:   I've chickened out and am sticking with Nutramigen for now.  She has 5-6 bottles a day.
Sleeping:  Sleep has turned pretty consistent these days.  She has her final feed at 7:00 and by 7:30 she is often asleep for the night. She wakes up between 3:50 and 5:00 am for a feed and is ready to go to sleep pretty much right after.  She's gotten so much better at napping in the day and has two naps 1.5 hours long plus a small doze in the evening during our walk.  The other day she started waking up earlier and earlier in the night - I had to leave her to cry one night - only for about 30 minutes.  It was horrible, but she did go back to sleep and has been going until 5:00 most mornings!  Hooray!
Routine:  We are sticking to three -four hours between feeds due to the fact that I can't increase her volumes or give her solids thanks to her vomiting issues.  
Sizes:  She is certainly going to be tall, this kid.  We are finally in 9 month US leggings and 6 months tops.  In UK sizes she can wear 6-9 months as she is so LONG!  I can' keep it all straight.
Milestones:  We are still waiting for rolling over.  But although wobbly - she is pretty good at sitting up!  Sitting in the high chair seems to be her new favourite position so it makes sense for this to be her next step!  She is really not keen on being on her belly so I've stopped pushing her. She'll get on it when she's ready.  I DID however find her at the top end of her crib sucking on Brian Bear's ear.  How she got there I'm still trying to work out.
UPDATE:  I FORGOT!  She is also babbling (reduplicated monosyllables - yay! And how rubbish for her that mummy teaches Child Language Acquisition) AAAAAAAAND -- there's a TOOTH coming!  I can see it!!! 
Mum's favourite moment:   I can get Emma to laugh by doing something seemingly stupid.  The other day I sneezed and she laughed hysterically.  I tried to repeat the sneeze with a fake - she had none of it.
Dad's favourite moment:   Fighting with Emma over the TV remote.  He wanted to use it.  She wanted to eat it.

So what's been happening this month?  Well, Emma had her first Christmas and it was wonderful fun!  We had such a nice time with the Guyatt family on Christmas day and the Berry family on Boxing day!  Ems was in wrapping paper heaven (as I'm sure all babies are!).

What comes hand in hand with Christmas?  Mine and B's anniversary!  We celebrated our two year anniversary in London with a special trip to Harrods (Hello, Mulberry) and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.  The absolute highlight of our trip was the day we spent in Regent's Park.  The gardens are just gorgeous and there is a swish little cafe with a to die for menu.  What better way to spend the last weekend in December, eh?


And then came January and my return to work.



Emma has loved Nursery.  They have been wonderful.  She is so happy and aside from the first day hasn't cried at all.  She has napped well and is coming home every day in a good mood.  It's a massive change than when I've had her on my own.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Stay tuned.  We've got some potentially exciting news on the horizon.