Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Weekend fun!

We had a fabulous weekend this past Saturday and Sunday!  The week has been so busy I'm only able to write about it now!  The weather has been gorgeous and I have to admit - Norfolk is the place to be when it's sunny.

On Saturday, we googled PYO strawberries and found a place just up the road where you could pick strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries and all other things!

£1.40 is a bargain STEAL for strawberries. We will be heading back next weekend I'm sure!

We also ate our first courgette (zucchini) from our garden! Rich grilled it with peppers and stacked it with basil tomatoes. It was amazingly fresh and tasty.   We have about 11 plants so I'm starting to collect a few recipes just to change it up a little bit.  I quite like the look of this Bean, Tomato and Courgette recipe found in the Guardian.  

Right after dinner we headed out to the King's Lynn Festival Too. It's the biggest free music festival in Europe. Loads of local bands played but we were lucky enough to see the Soft Tone Needles, Diana Vickers, The Loveable Rogues and Stooshe. 

Diana Vickers was my favourite XFactor contestant so I was super excited. 

And let's be honest - there is nothing better than a ukulele. Loveable Rogues were my absolute favourite. Check out their audition for Britain's Got Talent here.  So adorable. 

Stooshe put on a fabulous show as well - couldn't believe their energy!  

Sunday morning was spent dancing for the show (sweating profusely), followed by an afternoon of tennis (MURRAY!!) and taco cups for tea. 

All in all: winning weekend!


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