Thursday, 6 June 2013

New Beginnings....

We still have six weeks left of school here in England, but all of my American friends are greeting the summer holidays this week!  I'm insanely jealous happy for their survival and cannot wait until the 23 July when I get to sing "School's out for summer!"

Even though we have six weeks left, we are making massive changes to the structure of our school starting on 1 July.  We are going to implement vertical tutoring.  Seen Harry Potter and love their house system?  Well, I'm living it.

So the school LOOKS like something out of Hogwarts.  But now we will have four houses and compete academically and through sport and other fun challenges.

I'll lose my form (who I have been with for five years!) and will be in charge of the academic and emotional development of five year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11s.  I become "mum" to 25 kids.  It's something I have to admit - I really like about the English system because you genuinely get to know these kids and become a part of their lives.

What's more - we will be in an English/Modern Foreign Language "House" named Gloucester-Windsor.  We are totally excited and are currently in the process of decking our department in green and black in order to set up a united house from day one.  I know they are Slytherin colours....but maybe it just means we are "cunning, resourceful and full of ambition."

A blank canvas.  I'm looking forward to filling them, but I'm not entirely sure what I will fill them with. I would welcome any ideas and suggestions!!

As for me, I'm doing some work from home tonight.  I'm updating our KS3 curriculum to prepare students for a GCSE which doesn't yet exist!  Judging by the KS2 grammar test, I can only guess we need to focus more on grammar!  Stay tuned...


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