Monday, 3 June 2013

Happy Birthday, B!

Today is B's birthday!  We celebrated at the weekend as I was back to work today and out this evening for my first rehearsal.  The big 32 - as he likes to say - is just another step in his process of "ageing like a fine wine."

I got up early and made homemade donut holes and turned them into fruit skewers. I've seen these floating about Pinterest (obsessed, by the way), and I thought they would make a perfect treat for birthday Sunday!

Breakfast in bed was accompanied by some bubbly, but that didn't last long enough to have a photo taken of it!

Then, in line with English tradition, B opened up his cards and presents in bed.

I'm not great with wrapping, but I can't stand normal wrapping paper.  I use brown packing paper and go to town with black paint and a pencil.  (Polka dots are probably my favourite thing ever)  Note the card on the top of the pile was a USA card from my parents.  They are far better at remembering to post cards than I am!

Presents!  The best bit!

(Please excuse the horrible collage - I am still learning how to work the programme!!)

We decided to have a nice meal out at the Bank House Brasserie in King's Lynn.  I have to admit - we always complain that there is nowhere nice to go in town, but actually it was one of the nicest meals we've ever had in Lynn.  Best. Hand. Cut. Chips.

We made our way home and sat out in the garden for hours.  I went through a fair few Nespresso Iced Coffees (new obsession) and B played with his plants.  The garden now has 17 different types of edible plant (B doesn't like flowers as you can't eat them) - all I can say - roll on harvest season!

When it was time to cut the cake, I made sure it was a cake to be envied.  B had seen those Kit Kat cakes floating about online and wanted one of those, but I couldn't do anything the normal way.  So we ended up with this:

Without a doubt - it is the best chocolate cake recipe I've seen.  I had so much fun making eating the various pieces of this cake while assembling it.  We had a great day - now - on to planning next year's birthday!

Hopefully everyone else had a wonderful weekend!



  1. You are such a whizz in the kitchen. Amazing. Please tell me more about the Nespresso iced coffee. Unless it requires a freezer. Cause I don't have one of those at the moment. ;) xx

  2. It DOES require a freezer. Maybe we can adapt? I'll post today on iced coffee!! xx

  3. Thanks! One of my favourite recipes! x