Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hen Do shenanigans!

On Saturday, I went to my friend and fellow colleague's hen do!  I have missed out on a lot of hen dos as most of my friends back in the states were getting married when I was living in the UK.  I was so excited to celebrate with Emma and can't wait for her special day!

The garden party was part one of the celebrations, complete with bubbles, space hoppers, hula-hoops and hoopla (Americans know it as ring toss!).

English Department bouncing!

The bride to be had some quick reflexes!

It was fabulously fun - primarily because we were able to do all of those things that we never have the time to do!  I WISH I could really must bop about on a space hopper all afternoon!  We are going out for a night out later next month for Part two!

All of the shenanigans reminded me of my own hen do in October 2012!  We went to the Peacock Bar in London for Cocktail making and cupcake decorating!  I was utter rubbish at making my drink, but we had such a laugh doing it!  More photos are on their website!

Cosmopolitans...not as easy at they seem!

Liv was a natural!

The finished collection of drinks!

In the evening, we went to an Italian meal where I was forced to do various forfeits involving joining other customers and taking bar tenders' clothing.  My sister in law planned a fabulous do!  I love looking back at pictures as it was just such fun!

Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend!

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