Friday, 9 August 2013

Summer Holidays Housewife

Summer Days.  

I know it doesn't feel it, but summer holidays are halfway through, and I'm determined to make the most of my summer - regardless of the weather!

Mio.   I *love* this stuff.  My parents sent B and myself some months ago and we have been addicted ever since.  I had a little collection sent for my birthday (Birthday post!) - I think Blueberry Lemonade is my favourite flavour to date.
Shellac Pink.  Nothing says summer quite like pink fingers and toes.  I love the fact that the polish stays  on my toes for a good month.  Shellac has my vote - well worth the money.  I'm debating my Autumn colour - but for now, the pink rules summer.
Nivea Sun.  Everyday needs sun cream.  This just goes without saying. I hate the feel of it normally, but Nivea Light feel really makes a difference.
Tunein.  This App is AMAZING.  I've had the live Country on every day, blasting from our Ladybug dock while I've been sipping iced coffee (see previous post) in the garden.  Seriously.  Download this app.  It's free and you can get radio from both the UK and USA.  Love love love it!
Hunter Romilly.  I've had my heart set on these shoes for a good few months.  They are now on sale and I'm contemplating buying them in every colour.  SO comfortable and Hunter has an amazing delivery scheme.  I was totally in stalker mode while waiting for my parcel and could see it's journey on a map from the depot to my house! Amazing!
Pinterest.  Ah, Pinterest.  I thought I was an addict before but now I have free time, and I'm spending WAY more time on Pinterest than necessary.  You know all of those food recipes we Pin?  Well, I'm actually making them!  

No Joke.  I'm actually cooking.  I've become a proper little housewife.  B comes home to a proper meal every night.  Yes, I am proud of that.

I've campaigned for a Mexican Night at *least* once a week.  I'm slightly obsessed with Mexican food.  Pinterest struck this meal fo' so'.

This was an experiment gone amazing.  Thanks, Pinterest.
BBQ Salmon.  Rice and Corn were leftovers!

Guess where this recipe came from?  Nope.  Not Pinterest.  My mind.  Baked, Sugared Peaches with Ice Cream.  (Hunter Flats made a sneaky appearance in this photo)

I am loving being home for the summer holidays!


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