Monday, 12 August 2013

Blueberries: Field to Pie

I've been craving blueberries and all of a sudden, signs for pick your own blueberries have been popping up everywhere I turned.  I suggested going blueberry picking at the weekend.  B had visions of blueberry pancakes.  Me?  Pie.  

We headed to Fairgreen Farms in Middleton. The farm was hidden down a long and windy dirt track which didn't appear to be heading anywhere.  But then -  jackpot. 

(Rocking the O-H-I-O)

(See that cardigan?  Autumn is coming....)

We collected two containers at roughly one kilo each for £9. Bargain!

I have been dying to make blueberry pie.  It's one of those things I've just never seen here in the UK. I used a crust recipe from Sprinkle Bakes (best crust recipe I've found) and coated the berries in tons of sugar before baking. 


While waiting for the pie, I baked some lemon and basil cookies. I wasn't sure about them - even after they came out of the oven I ate about four just trying to work out if I liked the flavour.  I'm taking them to rehearsal tonight so the girls can be the judges!  Recipe here.

And Finally...

Pie!  Real blueberry pie!  I'm so excited!

I can't wait for Rich to get home from work so we can sample this delish dish.  More baking to come - I LOVE the summer holidays!


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