Friday, 16 August 2013

How I organised our lives

It's been a rainy day today so I've been cooped up  If there is one thing I've learnt about keeping our house clean and tidy:  It's a full time job.  

Our house is spotless on Sunday - by Friday it looks like a few cyclones have gone through and left no survivors.  We are clean people, so it's annoying to see chaos and carnage surrounding you after a stressful work week.

As it's the summer holidays, I've had the time to commit to keeping our house clean and tidy.  

I've learnt two lessons which have become my *Hallelujah* moments to keep us organised.

Rule One:  Have Little.

This sounds dreadful, but it seriously works.  B and I had very little when we moved into our house last November.  Thanks to travel and shared housing, we had basics.  But that was all we needed.

If you only have the necessities, it's easier to look and BE tidy.  We may not have a lot, but what we do have is good quality (thank good ness for our wedding registry).

Rule Two:  Everything has a place.  Keep it there.

We are still working on this, but I think we have cracked it.  Our living room has been defined as "Cosy" and "Homey" by my friend Jo.  I like that kind of comment - it makes me feel like I'm doing my job as an adult.  

As we are renting, there isn't much scope for creativity.  We have cream walls and cream carpet.  I said that we didn't have much when we moved into our house.  Fortunately, B's parents are incredibly generous and we were given all of their furniture when they decided to redecorate.  

One of things I wanted to do was have a bookshelf that wasn't overwhelmingly a bookshelf.   Between an English teacher and Doctor, we had loads of books.   I looked around the web for ideas, but in the end just went with what looked right.

How's that for organisation?  Obvious rules to live by - but it's the living by them I think most people find difficult.  Simplicity.  I love it.  

I'm going to pop on my wellies and buy some milk.  One thing I have yet to keep organised with: milk.



  1. Love it! When our chaos finally subsides (and it will, it will, it will!!!), that'll be my rule to sort/tidy by: if it doesn't have a place and/or use, it's going. Skip's still in the drive, so buh-bye...
    As to milk: we've been getting ours delivered. Proper pint-sized glass bottles and all. Brilliant! And I never run out anymore. :)

  2. I like your style!! TOSS IT! Delivered milk sounds like a perfect idea! We aren't drinking enough though. I drink Koko coconut milk now and love it. It's also cupboard rather than refrigerator...lucky me! xx