Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Our Wedding: Part Two

While tidying the house I fell to looking through our wedding album (dusting neglected!).  I can't believe the wedding was nearly eight months ago (and I'm quite embarrassed to admit that all of the cards are still sitting under our coffee table in a big box).  

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with our photographer Ditch Green.  His photos are just amazing.  You can see the original post here. If there is one thing I'm glad we spent money on, it was a great wedding photographer.  I thought I would dive into the wedding one more time - here's part two!

Our wedding was a Pinterest Inspired Wedding.  It's amazing going through my board and seeing the inspiration and how ideas changed over time.  

The Dress:  Ronald Joyce, Victoria Jane, Sable
The Hanger:  Etsy

My sister and I made the Brooch Boquet. My sister did most of the work, collecting brooches and then wiring them and taping them with flower tape.  I placed it all together over chicken wire right before the wedding and added a bit of white fabric.  

See that gold rose on top?  That was a real rose taken from my mother's wedding bouquet and dipped in gold.  Sentimental or what?

A lot of the brooches are earrings or old pins from friends and family who couldn't fly to England for the wedding. I even included my Delta Zeta badge!

My hairpiece was lent to me by a friend, so I'm not sure where that came from!

First glance of myself as a bride.  Holy Wow!

Mom just looked gorgeous!  She even got a fascinator for the wedding!  Like a true English-woman!

As the wedding was right after Christmas, we had a bit of difficulty nightmare finding flowers (my only bridezilla moment).  Lucky for us, gypsophila is easy to come by and keeps in the coolers!  Our florist made the most of a bad situation and just went to town with it!  

Pinterest inspired the aisle flowers!

The couple getting married at the venue the next day saw these and ended up using them for their wedding!  How sweet is that?

I have to admit, our photographer said we were going to take some photos by some dead looking trees and I was a bit sceptical.  I ate my words. The English countryside in December is actually quite pretty.

Red Wellies. As you do.

The hotel pool was actually a gorgeous spot for a photo!

A red post box for cards!

Although you can't really see it, we used silver candelabras and fake snow on the tables.  I *loved* the chairs, so there were NO slipcovers at this wedding!

B and I hadn't seen the cake until the day of the wedding.  His Mum is an amazing cake decorator, so we just gave her creative freedom to do whatever she wanted.  

AMAZING.  The cake is covered in handmade white roses and had red hearts on springs coming out - PLUS heart shaped sparklers!
On the side is a chocolate grooms cake - a Dr B medical cake made my B's mum and myself.  Check out that orange stethoscope!
On the bottom of the table, we put wedding photos from our parents and grandparents.  This was probably my favourite touch.  

Right after our first dance, we surprised our guests with a firework display and sparklers.  B really wanted fireworks - and who was I to say no?

We had a hot chocolate bar too - but I think it was tackled before our evening buffet was set out!  No photos of that!  It was adorable - I assure you!

One of the things I really loved about our photographer was that he did all of his photos candid.  We ended the night with a posed shot of our families together - and you know what?  The best shot was the one where none of were looking.  Mom is blocked by my brother and Kate is missing.  I just love it!  Eat your heart out, Royal Family!

Planning a wedding is hard work. I found it frustrating, inspiring and downright beautiful.  On the day, I found none of it mattered.  

Best.  Day.  Ever.  


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