Friday, 30 August 2013

Finding the sunshine on a cloudy day

The release of GCSE results last week has rendered me speechless; hence my stunned silence.

I knew trouble was brewing the night before when the news articles claimed a drastic drop in results. I was naturally quite worried...but nothing prepared me for how bad it was.

I was already anxious about returning, but I still made the effort and marked and planned, preparing myself for my new classes in September.  Now, I'm just freaked out.

What do you do when you feel an absolute failure?  I'm sure most of my colleagues are in the same boat - wondering what we could have done differently and how we could have reached those kids who didn't do as well as expected.  We are not a school that gets 40%.

Today is the final day of the summer holidays, I am trying to find positivity and motivation.

I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference. This year is going to be hard.  Whispers of Ofsted and Special Measures cloud the start of the new year.

When I started this blog I did so to reflect on the positive things and focus on the good in my life in spite of the stress work causes.  I think now, more than ever, I'm going to need to remember that.

Stay tuned.  Cloudy times are ahead.


  1. The day the results were released my friend Jenni, also a teacher, was staying with me. I can feel your pain having watched hers. Don't let it make you feel bad about yourself. It's the system that sucks, not you! Happy thoughts. xxx

  2. Thanks Jen! It's been horrible. We aren't a bad school and I know that we are doing the moral thing. So why are we the ones who are doing the worst? Makes me very sad. :( I'm looking forward to the challenges but wish someone would notice all of the good!