Thursday, 8 August 2013

An open letter to cancer

Dear Cancer,

I am sick of hearing your name.   I have kept my mouth shut for a long time, watching on the sidelines as you made your way through family and friends, leaving behind a trail of anger, pain and sorrow.

Well I've had enough.  You have hurt too many people and torn apart too many lives.  I think it's high time you heard what I had to say.  I may be no one of importance, but I've seen all too well that one voice can make a difference.

I'm not scared of you.  We aren't scared of you.   

Your name used to bring fear and anxiety but not any more.  We know you.  We know your moves and we know your style.  We know how you attack and the paths that you take.  We can watch everything that you do. We are fighting back.

The terror that you think you bring is no longer weakening us.  You may believe that you bring fear and pain, but strength and faith are coupled with your name - both far greater and more powerful than the despair you wish upon your victims.  

You can continue to try to tear lives and families apart, but you won't and you can't. 

The amount of time, effort and energy that has gone into getting rid of you shows just how serious we are about destroying you. You can't last much longer. We have already learnt that you are no longer a death sentence.   Surely you know that the bad guy never wins.

All I wish for you is the same upset, anguish and suffering that you have inflicted upon those who have been labelled by your name.  I hope that you become a memory.  A mere memory which children, adults and most importantly - survivors - read about and smile, knowing that you have been defeated.

That defeat is nearing.   Your end is near.

Are you scared?  You should be.

Jennifer Berry

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