Friday, 2 August 2013

Birthday celebrations!

On July 30 I celebrated my 29th birthday!  One year until the big 30, which is scary.  Very scary. As it was B's second day of work I made the most of it and spent the day with some of my favourite people!

My morning started at 7AM when B's alarm went off.  He yelled "Happy Birthday!" and threw my present at me. It felt like a bunch a rocks and lo and behold - it was.  Hot stone massage rocks.  The sweetie.  The BEST bit is that he also bought me a Zoku!  Oh my word was I excited!  I've had a little play and used the toolkit to make some funky designs and shapes.  I cannot WAIT to get creative with this!  If you haven't heard of them or think that you don't need a lolly maker in your life - think again.

(Grape hearts with Cherry J20.  Yum.)

I also received a package from my parents in Ohio! I wish I could celebrate with them - hopefully in a few years we will! I get a real hankering for American sweets but they are extortionate here!  I can't decide which is my favourite.  The peach rings and Mio Lemon have already been opened!  Thanks Mom and Dad, Erin and Brian!

To celebrate my special day, I hit up Blissful Beauty in West Lynn for a pedicure with Annie in the morning.  She is just fab.  My feet were in desperate need of some TLC post Cornwall, and what better way to celebrate than with a birthday pedicure?!

I think popped over to my friend Heidi's house for a day with her and her two *gorgeous* little ones.  We thoroughly enjoyed lunching at Castle Rising tea rooms.  I think I could get used to being out and about during the day!

In the evening, B surprised me by taking me BACK to Heidi and Toby's house for some champagne and cake!  They joined us for dinner at my favourite restaurant ever - Middleton Steakhouse.  Oh. My. Word.  Vegetarian hamburgers....habanero style.  Seriously - check out their menu and hop a flight to England.  

To keep the birthday celebrations going, Heidi and I went to the Sandringham Flower Show the next day with her girls and got soaked.  Like.  Drenched.  I could actually ring my hair out.  Just a typical English Summer!

(We were NOT impressed at having forgotten our umbrella!)

The upside to the soaking was that we got to see Prince Charles and Camilla.  I couldn't get any good shots, but it's defiantly them!

Camilla with the clear umbrella and white coat and Charles was on the other side - grey suit and black umbrella!

Another year older.  I think big things are in store for my 29th year.  They say your 30s are where it's at - I can't wait!


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