Sunday, 27 April 2014

29 weeks: Hello, Third Trimester!

Old Navy Maternity Dress (Similar)

How far along:  Twenty-nine Weeks!
Weight Gain:  21 Pounds (that number was a bit higher when I got back, but I blame that on American food - it quickly dropped off once I returned to jolly old England)
Maternity Clothes:  But of course!  I have started to think about hospital bag packing and that has commenced some rather horrified conversations between myself and some American mums. Things are done slightly different over here. One thing I've been thinking about is nursing tank tops and like the look of this.  I'm in love with the nursing bras I bought from Target!
Stretch Marks:  Since the appearance of those cheeky little things on my chest, I've been inspecting daily - nothing new....slight relief!
Belly Button:  Is it normal for that area of my stomach to be flat as a pancake?  B told me I'd explode unless I expand more....
Queasy or Sick:   Feeling good!   Some heartburn in the evenings, but it's nothing too unbearable.  
Sleep:  I like my sleep a bit too much at the moment. I'm still going to bed quite early and needing it.  
Best Moment of the Week:  Sunday morning with B.  We put on BBC Radio 2 (Sunday morning love songs), made scrambled eggs on bagels and fresh coffee.  Before we knew it, it had been nearly an hour since we had sat down!  We don't get time to just sit and chat with both of us being so busy.  It was a beautiful morning and the best possible way to spend it.  
Worst Moment of the Week:   LAST Sunday morning when I arrived at Heathrow airport.  I had a rather traumatic trip back from America and just burst into tears as soon as I saw B.  I was overly tired as I didn't get any sleep on the turbulent flight and my feet and ankles were swollen beyond reason as my seat had been changed and I didn't get the extra leg room I had paid for (£136!!). Not cool, Air Canada.  
Miss Anything:  I miss America.  I'm not going to into the ins and outs, but I love my hometown and miss everything about the place, my family and friends.  Hopefully we will be seeing you again soon!
Movement:   Loads of movement!  You can now feel a foot/head/bum bulging out of my side.  Slightly creepy and slightly alien-like....but it's a nice reminder that Baby McBerry is happy!
Cravings:   Ice poles!  I couldn't believe how badly I wanted these this week.  Unfortunately, they aren't really a popular item in the shops yet as it's not really summer weather yet.  We tracked some down in PoundLand yesterday and I'm waiting patiently for them to freeze.  I did bust out the Zoku for a Iced Tea lolly and that almost appeased me!
Looking forward to: It's an unbelievably busy week this week.  I have a midwife appointment on Thursday and am looking forward to hearing Baby's heartbeat and finding out next steps.  I had a glucose tolerance test on Tuesday where I had to starve myself, have blood taken, drink a lucozade and then wait TWO HOURS before another blood test.  That wasn't too bad, but my surgery keeps cancelling my appointments since our move.  Hopefully they actually have me on record for this week!

B and I finally managed to find a spare moment to create some sense of order in Baby's room!  I'm not going to post photos until it's done, but I'm *loving* the look of the room.  It won't be properly finished until baby is born as we have a route for Baby Boy McBerry and then a different route for Baby Girl McBerry. The foundation is the same, just slight additions of a few things!  I've just ordered more poms as there just isn't enough up there!

Poms (I LOVE Sarah at Pom Pom Studios - she is always helpful and efficient!)

B did a marvellous job painting our chest of drawers white!

We have also washed and folded all of the clothes (cutest laundry load ever?!) and have found a home for everything.  It really LOOKS like a baby's room now rather than just a dumping ground.  Hopefully next week we will be finished!  I can't wait to share!

We were gifted with so many amazing things while I was in America. Packing was slightly more challenging than I anticipated, but my mom is a super packer and managed to get nearly everything in my suitcase ("That's wasted space!  Let me stuff your underwear into those baby bottles."  Thanks, Mom.  Don't worry - I'll sterilise them). I had to pay excess baggage, but I figured it was worth it for all of the treats Baby McBerry would have upon arrival. 

With some of the money we were gifted, I bought this adorable Baby MD outfit. I thought B would appreciate it - I'm so in love and can't wait to put it onto our little one!!

Oh scrubs....

I've also been suffering from a serious case of post America blues!  It's so difficult to go from seeing people nearly every day to seeing them once in awhile over Skype. I really miss cuddles from this guy:

It's great to be at the age where friends and family are having babies!  I've never really been around babies since my own siblings were born. I was WAY too young to appreciate all that went into them being raised - so now I'm asking questions and seeking advice. It's been good fun comparing ante and post natal treatment.  Fun in the sense that I enjoy the horrified looks!

Another thing to look forward to this week is the Hen weekend for my friend, Gemma!  I can't reveal any details because it's all a big surprise, but I am *super* excited for the festivities!  Gemma was one of my first friends here in the UK and at my hen do managed to persuade me to dress up like a chicken. Good thing she was willing to put that chicken mask on so I didn't look like such a pratt! 

The tables have turned, Miss Coombs. 

In other good news, the weather is turning - spring has sprung, the sun is out (sometimes) and everything is in bloom!  Just think - ten weeks and we should have a little McBerry to enjoy the glorious British summer!  Happy Spring and a very happy week to everyone!


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