Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Twenty-Five Weeks and Brighton Love!

How far along:  Twenty-five Weeks!
Weight Gain: 14 pounds!!  Eek! 
Maternity Clothes:  I'm loving leggings and my maternity t shirts from New Look.  They are cheap and comfortable - bonus in my opinion!  The jeans I bought ages ago from Top Shop just aren't cutting it - I think I need to get something over the bump to prevent jean falling down syndrome.
Stretch Marks:  Nada!  I feel like my stomach is just stretching and stretching....
Belly Button:  Vast!
Queasy or Sick:   Oh, the nausea is back.  I have had a few flickers of it, but it seems to be creeping back into my life at the moment.  I can't work out if it's the time change and my body is just annoyed with being up the hour earlier, or if it's the approach of the third trimester that makes it want to return to my life.  Regardless, I am not enjoying the sudden rushes for the loo.
Sleep:  Quite good following some odd waking up spells last week!
 Best Moment of the Week:  This weekend we went to Brighton to visit Jen from Two Itchy Feet.  More on that below - it was Legendary.
Worst Moment of the Week:    We had a lovely follow up visit from Ofsted Thursday and Friday last week.  If you know anything about Ofsted, you'll know that is dreadful news.  It's stressful.  I was one of the only English teachers seen, so at least I can be grateful that it was a great lesson.  We are making our way out of special measures...slowly.
 Miss Anything:  Wine. Again. One thing that got me through the last Ofsted was a nice glass of wine at the end of the day.  I had a cup of apple juice.  Not the same. 
 Movement:   Loads of movement.  Baby McBerry is definitely going to kick through my womb at some point.  Seriously.
 Cravings:    Ice cream.  I managed to polish off our collection of sorbet (do you blame me?) and now I'm dreaming of what lovely treats await me in my parent's refrigerator!  
 Looking forward to:  The Easter Holidays.  I cannot wait to be jetting off to America for two weeks with the family.  Not to mention the awesome baby shower my mum and sister are throwing!  Woo hoo!

So this weekend we headed down to Brighton to visit my favourite lady, Jen.  We used to meet up far more frequently when she was a bit closer to home, but the three hour trek turned into a great road trip/weekend away for B and myself.  

We stopped at IKEA for some baby room goodies.  I was dying to pick up this trolley for the nursery - it was on SALE and I cannot wait to fill it up with....well....I'll let you know when I decide what I want to fill it up with!

Onwards to Brighton!  We had beautiful weather so we enjoyed walks along the promenade, some fabulous food and shopping, plus plenty of chit chat and catching up.

We made a stop for ice cream at Marrocco's just outside of Hove.  The guys thought very seriously about their purchases.  I enjoyed a cookies and cream gelato and was not keen on sharing.  Good ice cream?  I think I could live on the coast!

Following that, we enjoyed lunch at Tortilla (a little sister to Chipotle and WOW was I in love.They seriously had the best Salsa Verde I've ever tried!) and then for dinner we feasted at Makara, a Turkish restaurant which didn't fail to impress!  They had an amazing meze menu for starters and then the vegetarian options were outstanding!

I'd recommend both...come to think of it, I'd recommend Brighton!  Lucky for us, every time we come to Brighton, we are shown the good eats!  I could get used to life on the south coast....perhaps an option for the future?


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