Tuesday, 18 March 2014

23 Weeks!

(1.  How about that pink wall?  2.  Wow - what is my hair doing?)

How far along:  Twenty-Three Weeks!
Weight Gain: 12 pounds.  I’m dreading that moment when I hit a stone heavier…it just feels wrong! 
Maternity Clothes:  Oh, yea.  Between the American treats and the New Look collection, I’m proper decked out in maternity garb.  I’m REALLY excited that the weather is getting nicer because that means I may get to get my legs out soon!  It may be bare arms in the photo, but I'm defiantly still in leggings and a cardigan!
Stretch Marks:  None!
Belly Button:  Large…but still an innie!
Queasy or Sick:   The chest infection I’ve had for the past three weeks has taken my mind off of nausea.  I’ve managed to pull muscles in my chest and side from my violent coughing – causing excruciating pain.  I’ve been using Deep Relief as I can’t take ibuprofen - I can’t say it makes much of a difference, but oh well!  I feel like the cough is starting to let up, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon.
Sleep:  My favourite thing to do.  I love sleep – especially in the new house. It’s peaceful!  Maybe thanks to the pink walls?
 Best Moment of the Week:  B’s parents (aka Grandma and Granddad UK) came to visit at the weekend and brought *loads* of treats for Baby McBerry compliments of themselves and Auntie Jill!  We also went on a shopping spree to Kiddiecare to top up our collection.  We had such a good weekend catching up; Baby should feel spoilt!
Worst Moment of the Week:    We have been without internet since the move, and it really got under my skin this weekend when I couldn’t talk to my parents.  I want to show them all of our baby gear, but there’s no chance for much of anything on our poor signal.  Hopefully Wednesday we will be fully online!
 Miss Anything:  Wine.  I am not an alcoholic, but I really miss having a nice glass of wine with dinner!  We had a lovely dinner party with Mum and Dad UK and Heidi and Toby – I was gutted I couldn’t join in any of the drinks!  Pink lemonade was lovely, but it didn’t really cut it!
 Movement:   Loads of movement!  The other morning I was driving into work and as soon as Sunny and 75 came on, I started to dance about (as you do whilst driving and your favourite tune comes on) and Baby went NUTS.  I couldn’t help but laughing – I swear Baby already knows and loves country.  (Sorry Dad!)
 Cravings:   Salty or cheesy snacks.  I can’t help it.  I just want salt.  Manchego cheese has been haunting me this week, so I forced a trip to Tesco to buy some!  I’m REALLY excited that they actually stock it now and it’s not too expensive!  Hooray for good cheese that I CAN eat!
 Looking forward to:  The Easter Holidays. I cannot wait for these three weeks to hurry up and get a move on as I’ll be spending the Easter Holidays STATESIDE.  I’m so excited to see everyone – family and friends!  It’s been far too long (I’ve got a baby second cousin I cannot wait to see!) – but I’m over the moon to be going back in my hometown to visit the people I love!  Baby McBerry is half American, after all!

In other news:
We are officially moved into our new house!  I'm going to do a post on the house later in the week - you know, once we clear away all of the boxes and rubbish littering the place!  It's already feeling like home and we are really happy with the area and house!  I'm not 100% convinced by the commute as it nearly triples the time I have to spend in the car.  Hopefully the house outweighs the distance though!

As I said above, we had a weekend of being spoilt.  I don't want to reveal too much, but some of our treats are just too adorable to not mention!

We went with the Oyster pushchair as it was the only one that would fit in my little Mini Boot!  Heidi lent me her bassinet and the pushchair is a nice, basic black (until we buy a colour pack!)
The car seat is a Britax Baby Safe which attaches to the Oyster base without any converters. We opted for the ISOFIX Base to allow for an easier removal from my little car!  I'm loving the red on the car seat - just right to match my car!
You can also spot my OiOi Change Bag - a little treat which I am totally in love with!

The cot is made up and ready to go too!  B's dad skilfully put it together - it's a lovely little bed from Mothercare which will suit us until Baby is ready for a big kid bed!  It's been made up since this photo was taken, but I'm going to leave it for the big reveal in a few months time!

In other exciting news, I had my Midwife appointment today and got to hear Baby's heartbeat!  It was so strong - I was just happy to hear that Baby is healthy and happy!  Seriously - 14 weeks to go and I cannot wait!

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