Sunday, 23 February 2014

Twenty weeks! Halfway there!!

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and support over the past few weeks. It's been amazing to receive so much feedback - online and in person from here and afar. I'm always shocked by the number of hits my posts get (especially as I think I'm just rattling off utter rubbish). I'm just glad people want to know how B and I getting on - it's just going to get funnier and funnier (as we have NO IDEA what we are doing).  
Stay tuned - you may get a chuckle or two!

(Photo update!)

How far along:  Twenty Weeks!
Weight Gain: 9 Pounds!  Wow! 
Maternity Clothes:  I ran out of excuses....and clothes.  See  below for the update!
Stretch Marks:  Nope!
Belly Button:  In but feeling rather vast. 
Queasy or Sick:   I'm feeling pretty good even though I've had a few vomity days. Every time I smugly remember I'm vomit free - boom - I'm hugging the toilet.
Sleep:  I'm sleeping really well.  My only problem is I need to get more and more of it. I'm not interested in staying up any later than 9 - this makes me a real social recluse. I don't care how anti-social I appear. Grumpy and pregnant just aren't a good mix. 
Best Moment of the Week:  It's been half term - every day is wonderful. But really it had to be the scan on Friday.  Baby was all arms and legs - which isn't a surprise if you've seen my arms and legs.  Baby also kept it's legs crossed, so we had no chance of finding out the gender!  Auntie Erin thought it was a good sign - conservative baby.
Worst Moment of the Week:    Having to pay out £90 to remove the buildup of winter grime on my tyres - at least it will save me from screeching every time I stop the car!
Miss Anything:  I've had a real hankering for Stilton and white wine. A proper wine and cheese tasting - but more than a taste. More a jumbo sized selection.... a lunchable to end all lunchables...I just have this really refined a pallet, ok?
Movement:   I've worked out what "flutters" feel like and I've had loads of them!  B can even feel them now!  Baby doesn't like me resting the iPad on the edge of my belly. That message has been received loud and clear. 
Cravings:   I'm not sure there's been any mad cravings. I'm just far more obsessed with certain foods and won't rest until I get to eat what I want. Soft pretzels, for instance. Where on earth am I going to get an Aunt Annie's Pretzel in King's Lynn?  Solution.  And Lemon Curd? I'm obsessed at the moment!  I've just had a very big fail trying to make buttermilk, moving back to America is really the only option here.
Looking forward to:  We have a really busy week this week, but most importantly we are having our couples massage on Thursday for our Monthly Anniversary gift!  I'm so glad I booked that.....a much needed treat!

Why hello, bump!

B and I have been debating names this past week. We are both dead set on our girl name, but our boy name has been spoken for - so it's back to the drawing board for Baby Boy McBerry. Being a teacher, names are a real problem.   There's a list about a metre long of names that could be quite lovely - could be - if it weren't for some child who ruined the integrity of that good old name and has haunted my memories.

Maternity Clothes! I finally had success!  After going into *every* shop in King's Lynn, I finally visited New Look - and geeze - talk about having to eat my words.  There wasn't a massive selection, but it was the best selection I had ever come into contact with.  Clothes were affordable and - gasp - stylish.  They actually are cut in a flattering way - I especially love this red top as I can wear it with leggings or trousers (when I find some) and B really likes the black dress (similar) (my chests looks huge...of course he loves it).  Mom and Erin also came to the rescue and are sending me some US maternity trousers....Frumpy is not ok - and I'm lucky I have my family to help me fight the limited maternity clothes selection!

In other news, I've started a youtube Pregnancy Yoga class, seeing as there are NO classes for much of anything maternity related in the West Norfolk Area.  At least it's something to keep me moving and stretching.  I tried a session the other night when I was feeling pretty lousy and the breathing and gentle stretches genuinely made me feel better!

B and I are also attending an Expectant Parent Night at Mothercare.  Now this is a good idea.  A friend recommend it and I'm really glad we have signed up - there's loads of freebies, plus teaching of first aid/CPR, advice on feeding and safety and other shopping/buying options.

For my emotional well being, I've joined Lauren Conrad's Book Club to keep me reading and engaged in a life beyond work.   "Where'd you go, Bernadette" is the book on the table at the moment - it was only £3 on Kindle, so I was more than happy to jump on board!  The only problem?  You have to read section 1 by 6 March.  I finished the whole thing in 24 hours.  Oops.  A good read though - I loved the style of the book with emails and faxes and articles.  It just helped to shape the characters!  I've now started Gina Ford's "The New Contented Little Baby Book" at the recommendation of a few friends.  I've learned a lot - it's terrifying!

As half term is coming to a close, I'm jumping with glee at the next break - in six weeks time I'll be in America with my fabulous family!  Baby needs to experience Ohio.  I've been so homesick recently, so I can't wait to see my US family and friends.   My sister sent me this picture the other night of my mom and I felt those pangs of homesickness creeping in again.  Luckily, Auntie Erin has it all sorted and we have a checklist of places to see (mostly food places) to settle my pregnancy cravings for Ohio!


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