Thursday, 13 February 2014

Nursery Inspiration

It's actually amazing how nursery inspiration evolves.  I've had loads and loads of ideas for Baby McBerry's room - and let's be honest: there are some seriously fabulous nurseries out there.


We have three serious issues:  
1.  We Rent - and we aren't planning on staying here long term.  
2.  We don't know Baby McBerry's gender.
3.  I'm fussy and opinionated....and I'm not keen on typical "baby" decor.

As we are renting, we can't paint or nail holes in the walls or change the carpet.  With that said, I'm not at all keen on the whole "baby" theme for a room.  B and I are quite classic and modern, and we like the idea of a crisp and simple nursery for Baby McBerry.  The *coolest* feature of the nursery is the wallpaper: white background with black circles.  That was a serious surprise when we viewed the house.  B knew that it was the nursery right away.

And this whole gender neutral thing is a tad frustrating.  I finally settled on simple and white - with slight shades of blue, green, white and grey.

My inspiration board is currently looking a little like this:

For me, it all started with the bedding.  I fell in love with the bumper and sheet set I saw online at Vertbaudet (on Sale as well!) - and then a plan was born!  I haven't been keen on the gender neutral sets, but actually the greeny/blue tones are quite pretty...or masculine.

I LOVE the idea of Pom Poms on the ceiling.  When I saw the image above on Pinterest I was immediately won over.  I've ordered Tassel Garland from the Pom Pom Studios, so I was super excited to get some lanterns and poms from Sarah as well.  She sent me the colour samples and it's what really helped us focus on what the nursery will look like.

We still have a month until the big move, so there's not a massive hurry to get the room sorted. All of these ideas will change about as often as I change my pants....but hey - it's nice to know that nesting has begun!  


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