Tuesday, 6 May 2014


How far along:  THIRTY Weeks!
Weight Gain:  24 pounds.
Maternity Clothes:  Oh yes.  I even needed to buy new underwear yesterday.  
Stretch Marks: I'm still rocking a small patch, but so far, so good.
Belly Button:  Pancake like - a tiny crater?  Better yet - you know when you are walking on the beach and you leave those soggy footprints in the sand?  Yea...
Queasy or Sick:   I've been feeling good (aside from this morning)!  A bit of heartburn, a UTI, anaemia...but it's NOT sickness - I couldn't be happier!
Sleep:  Bed time is definatly 9:00.  I'm starting to get quite uncomfortable as I just don't know where to put my bump and the sheer effort it takes to turn over is comparable to firing off a cannon in the middle of the night.
Best Moment of the Week: My Midwives appointment last Thursday meant hearing Baby McBerry's little heartbeat!  It was amazing!!
Worst Moment of the Week:   Wednesday. I don't know what it was about Wednesday, but I just wanted to sit and cry.  My antenatal class was full, so they told me I have to attend next month.  I was worried about work and the lack of care most of my students had.  It was just the most demoralising day on record.  One of those - I can't do this - type of days.  I know I can and it will be difficult, but that was a real damper on the week.
Miss Anything:  I've got to admit, it wasn't wine or blue cheese which had me wishing Baby would grace us with it's presence.  It was the back pain that left me stranded in the bathtub.  I'd love my normal range of movement back!  Then again, now that it's getting warmer, a nice Blue Moon in the garden would be nice...
Movement:   Does the Karate Kid enjoy a nice kick?  Baby decided to stretch out across my middle during my Year 11 lesson the other day.  I was clearly uncomfortable and one student actually asked if I was going into labour at the way I was massaging my side.  I tried to explain that we may have a tiny foot popping through my belly button (they were then quite relieved).
Cravings:   Fruit!  I'm desperate for strawberries and raspberries but they are just too costly!  Plus - Twizzlers.  I am thanking my brother for that.  He shows me the most glorious looking red, white and blue Twizzlers via Skype.  Can we get Twizzlers here? Of course not!!  Saying that, it may be a good thing we can't get all of the American treats that I want....I'd have gained a heck of a lot more than 20 pounds!
Looking forward to:  We have an extra special weekend planned!  For one of Rich's Paper anniversary gifts, I got us a gift voucher for The Neptune Inn - a Michelin star restaurant on the north Norfolk coast.  We've had friends who have been and just rave over the food.  There isn't much vegetarian on the menu, but I am REALLY looking forward to their dessert menu!  Seriously - check this out:  

       Milk Chocolate Mousse, Poached Cherries White Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce
Poached Savarin Sponge, Gariguette Strawberries, Mint Ice Cream
Vanilla Pannacotta, Caramel  Poached Pineapple, Honey Ice Cream
Mango Mousse, Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Shortbread, Blueberries,
Selection of British & French Cheeses, Biscuits, Grape Chutney
Ummm, I'll just go for one of everything. No mains or starter.  Thanks.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend my friend Gemma's Hen Do in Nottingham!  We stayed in an amazing mansion complete with pool, courtyard, ducks and dreamy showers:  Horspool Farm  (seriously, check out the photos on their Trip Advisor Page).  We also went to It's a Knockout and I got to play paparazzi.  It was great fun to get away for a weekend to celebrate the Bride to Be!  I can't wait for their wedding in July!  

On that note - wishing everyone a wonderful week!  I'm getting so tired in the evenings that I'm spending most of my time daydreaming about Baby whilst watching it do rolls around in my belly!  10 Weeks to go...I can't wait!  


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