Monday, 19 May 2014

32 weeks and Jim's Birthday!

How far along:  Thirty-two Weeks!
Weight Gain:  25 pounds.
Maternity Clothes:  Warm weather has posed another problem in the maternity clothes saga. I saw myself getting through my pregnancy with leggings and jeans, a few dresses and tshirts. Well. It's too warm for leggings, jeans AND my long sleeve dresses. I am going to investigate shorts and skirts in a desperate attempt to stay cool. Hopefully they are easier to track down!
Stretch Marks: Nothing new to report!
Belly Button:  I think we are on the verge of an outie. 
Queasy or Sick:   Since taking the iron tablets I've had a bit more energy, but still not much motivation - especially following a long day of work!  At least it's not nausea!!  
Sleep:  Apparently I snore. B was not impressed with this, but I don't really seem to notice (or care). I'm getting up only once a night for a loo break - but other than that, I'm happy!
Best Moment of the Week: On Saturday B and I had a BBQ with his current work partner. We busted out the non alcoholic beer, sausages and grilled halloumi. It was *gorgeous* outside - sunny and at least 21 degrees. It was probably the nicest day of the year so far!  We topped the afternoon off with some amazing slutty brownies. I've never made them, but I'm going to give this recipe a go!
Worst Moment of the Week:  I don't think there was anything too bad this week. I had a minor clothing meltdown when I realised that nothing was cool enough to wear in the sunny weather. Oh well, a shopping spree is needed!
Miss Anything:  I miss wearing wedding ring. I'm not feeling particularly feminine at the moment with swelling hands and feet.  I know it's all part of it, but it's really unsightly!
Movement:   Baby loves a bit of rolling around - especially when I finally get to put my feet up at 8:00 at night!  I think room is becoming scarce as I feel so much more movement than I used to. 
Cravings:   Blueberries and raspberries. I can't get enough of them at the moment. I crave fresh, cool drinks - especially iced coffee. I'm trying to be good and only allowing myself a small nespresso coffee every other day or so. 
Looking forward to:  We have one more week of school and then it's HALF TERM!  I can't believe it. Once we hit the other side of the May half term, maternity leave will be on the horizon!  You know what that means - Baby McBerry will be arriving soon after!  

In other exciting news, we celebrated my father in law's 70th Birthday on Sunday!  

B and I batted around ideas for ages but couldn't think of the perfect gift. 70 is a big deal - my proposal of 70 items seemed a big far fetched - so we came up with this happy little alternative! 

B's dad likes good, old classic food. We decided to get him an edible gift symbolic of each decade he has lived through. 

We wrapped all of the gifts and places them in the planter of a raspberry plant - the final, "for the future" gift!  We then read to him a little poem while he opened the gifts. He was pretty good at guessing most of them. 

B and I were pretty pleased with how it turned out - here's the poem in case you missed it!

In celebration 
Of your 70th year,
We wanted to gift you something 
Filled with excitement and cheer. 

We thought long and hard
To work out the perfect treat
And we finally decided 
What better gift than a gift you can eat?

Each gift represents
The decades you've seen
So here are the treats
Of years that have been.  

You were born in the 1940s
The war made you flustered
But at least you always had
Spotted dick and custard.

In the 1950s
You no longer needed to cheat
rationing ended 
and you could buy your meat.

In the 1960s
You were old enough to drink
Here's to a good ol gin and tonic
Which impairs your ability to think.

The 1970s 
were a lucky decade for you
You met and married Marilyn 
And enjoyed a honeymoon.

For the 1980s 
Classic party food came to mind
What could be better 
Than a gift of this kind.

In the 1990s
You cooked dinner a lot 
The kids saw it on a nightly basis 
And face it they could not!

By the time it was 2000
Your usual birthday gift was set 
Everyone always knew
Thortons chocolate ginger you would get.

Now that it's the 2010s
You just fancy a cuppa tea
The classic biscuits are nice
But posh ones you deserve to see. 

And last but not least is the future 
The 2020s to be exact. 
We wanted to give you something 
That will last and that's a fact. 

This plant will grow like our family
Extending every day,
Providing fruit when you are peckish
And reminding you of us gathered here today. 

Happy 70th Birthday, Dad. 
We hope you enjoy this stuff
For all you do and all you've done 
We can't thank you enough. 

B, Jenny and Baby McBerry

And who could forget the amazing cake made by B's mum! 

Seriously, how amazing is that?

Here's to a lovely week - hopefully your weather is as bright and cheery as it is here!

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