Sunday, 1 June 2014

34 Weeks...this is getting a bit scary now!

How far along:  Thirty-four Weeks!
Weight Gain:  29 pounds (Oh. My. Goodness.)
Maternity Clothes:  The weather looked like it was going to change for the better, but ol' Mother Nature had better ideas for us this May half term. It's been rainy and cool - perfect weather for all of my winter/spring maternity clothes!  I've had a little shopping spree online at Gap Maternity, thanks to Jen!  This dress and these shorts are on their way!  30% SunnyDay discount?  Yes, yes, yes! 
Stretch Marks: It seems that after that initial appearance, nothing new had decided to surface.  With that said, I'm getting bigger....and I can feel LOTS of stretching....
Belly Button:  On the morning of Wednesday 28 May, I woke up feeling bigger than normal. It seemed as though my normally compact bump took a nose-dive south.  With it, fell my belly button.  I'm officially an outie.
Queasy or Sick:   Nothing much!  A little queasy at times, but on the whole I'm just exhausted.  My feet ache and I just feel shattered.  I can tell we are nearing the end as I've noticed a massive difference in myself.  Heartburn and aches are definitely on the rise. 
Sleep:  After all of those weeks of lovely, peaceful sleep (for me, at least), I've started to become quite restless in the night.  Falling asleep is difficult - I'm grizzly and just cannot get comfortable.   I have stolen one of our guest room pillows for under my bump, but due to a bit of company I've given it back.  
Best Moment of the Week:  On Wednesday, Jen and I went to the MALL.  You can take the girls out of America, but you can't take the thirst for a mall out of the girls!  We met at Westfields in London for a day of shopping and EATING.  Five hours, two pregnant girls, 300 shops and a PinkBerry? was undoubtedly the Best. Playdate.  Ever.
Worst Moment of the Week:  I'm going to go ahead and say today - I'm stressed and overwhelmed - having a slight meltdown. I came to the realisation that I have no idea what I'm doing with a baby. I have one billion things to do (at work and home), 20 official working days left and whether I'm ready or not, this baby is going to be very much out and about in a little over a month. 
Miss Anything:  Summer clothes.  I'm thinking if the weather ever heats up (ok ok.....WHEN the weather heats up), I'm not going to be able to fit into my summer wardrobe.  This makes me pretty sad, but there's always next year.  Autumn is my favourite shopping season anyways!
Movement:   You can really tell that Baby McBerry is bigger.  Movements are more pronounced and although I can't tell what is a foot or head or bum, something keeps bulging out and I often check just to make sure nothing is punctured.  Baby is strong
Cravings:   Iced coffee.  My Nespresso machine has been resting unused for months and months, but it's all of a sudden sprung back to life!  I have rationed myself one iced coffee a few times a week as I am still quite dubious about caffeine.  
Looking forward to:  CUDDLES!  After seeing Heidi's gorgeous nephew this week, I cannot actually wait for cuddles with Baby McBerry. I'm not usually one to ask to hold the baby, but I have a real yearning for it now!

So this baby is going to be coming out soon. 
I don't know if it's a shock to anyone else, but to me, this realisation is a bit 

There are so many lists that say you need to have or should have this or that.  One TREAT item I was desperate to get ahold of was the 4Moms Mamaroo. We found a slightly used one for half the price  - I love the sight of this hanging out in our living room. 

BUT - Baby McBerry can't live in a MamaRoo alone!  I realised I didn't have a hospital bag, there's nothing in the nappy bag, I have a two month supply of size 2 nappies (because that seemed like a good buy)....but that still left a serious gap in our "baby collection."  

With six weeks to go until due date, I thought I had better get a bit more prepared - mainly as I know babies in our family tend to come early.  Helpfully, I have friends who have taken those lists and crossed off half of the stuff on there.   Heidi took me under her wing and we had a "hospital bag and first week" shop. Now the only thing left to panic about is the thought of maternity pads...!!

Here's the start to my Hospital Bag!

So far, I've got a bag of toiletries at the ready. I don't want to fuss with anything - makeup included. We went to Boots and raided the 3 for 2 travel toiletries!

(Toothpaste, toothbrush, Sanctuary Body wash, Aussie shampoo and conditioner, Sure deodorant, tissues, Simple Face Wipes - plus an old No 7 tinted moisturiser and Benefit eye pallet)

That is easy - not to mention the next easy bit - clothing for myself.  I'm not a massive fan of Primark, but I see no point in providing my own nightgown to give birth in which is more than £10.   Clothing wise - I don't care what I'm wearing. I'm sure I'll add more to that pile (going home outfit?  Slippers?), but at least this is a start!

(Blue and white striped shirt nightgown, white robe, navy PJ bottoms and two vests, very big knickers)

Then there's the bit that freaks me out: Things for after the baby actually arrives.   I need to wash everything and maybe condense the number of cotton balls  - but seriously - this stuff scares the life out of me.

(Nursing pads, maternity pass, Nappies (size 1....because that's what you need for newborns), nappy sacks, scratch mittens, vests and cotton wool)

There's still loads of bits which need to be added to THAT pile (Clothes for baby?  Hat? Car seat? Muslins? Blankets?) but THIS was all I could really manage before I hid in the bathtub. 

It's been a learning curve.  I'm going to go ahead and say it's the first time I've been utterly panicked about having to keep our little human alive. I'm sure it'll be fine and we will figure it all out...but geeze.  Try telling me that!

Things I've learnt this week:
1.  There is a difference between 0-3 month old clothing and Newborn clothing. 
2.  Vests have short sleeves and no legs, sleep suits are long sleeved and footed. 
3. Vest goes on after nappy, followed by sleep suit (weather pending) and that's how newborn Baby McBerry will rock out during her/his first few weeks of existence. 
4. In England, assume it will be cold and rainy and prepare to dress baby in No 3.  If it's warm, check baby's tummy or back of neck and remove sleep suit if necessary. 

Maybe I need to go back to work in order to calm down. It's B's birthday this week, so I'm super excited to share his cake and presents with everyone!  

Have a happy and STRESS FREE week everyone! 

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