Sunday, 15 June 2014

36 Weeks....four weeks to go!

How far along:  Thirty-six Weeks!
Weight Gain:  32 pounds!

Maternity Clothes:  I'm loving my new Gap maternity jean shorts. Warmer weather seems to be creeping back into our lives and they are a lifesaver. UNFORTUNATELY, the weather is not consistent and it's freezing today - hence the jumper and jeans!
Stretch Marks: Nothing new to report! 
Belly Button:  Out. Let's hope that "snapped cord" B was talking about was really a joke. I miss my innie. 
Queasy or Sick:   Feeling good aside from tired and achy. I do have to admit my vomit free streak ended - I think heartburn has a lot to answer for there. 
Sleep:  BOOOOOO. Anyone else feel that it's just plain cruel that insomnia sets in during your last few weeks?  I'm so uncomfortable in bed and not feeling rested at all - regardless of what time I go to bed! 
Best Moment of the Week:  Jen and Graham came to play this weekend!  More on that below!
Worst Moment of the Week:  I tried to make dinner a few nights ago and when I opened a cupboard, B's liquid smoke I bought him for his birthday fell - in slow motion - and shattered EVERYWHERE. I just didn't know what to do with myself - sobbing, I tried to clean up the mess. I could hardly bend and the smell was making me sick. It was NOT a good night to feel tired and hormonal on top of having a kitchen nightmare.  I really lost it.
Miss Anything:  I really fancied wine this weekend. We had some amazing food and a nice glass of white wine was desperately needed. Soon enough, I suppose. 
Movement:   I swear to you - Baby McBerry is trying to escape through my belly button. In 
ÜBER exciting news:  I think I've dropped/lightened! I can breathe again,
my bladder feels smooshed and according to B, I didn't snore last night!   You know what THAT means....!!
Cravings:   Watermelon!  Cool, sweet and watery. I feel as though nothing can quench my thirst at the moment and the best solution is watermelon!  
Looking forward to:  This is my last full week before my maternity cover comes in to save me!  We will most likely team teach next week so she can get the hang of my classes - I couldn't be happier!  Roll on Maternity Leave!!

This weekend Jen and Graham have journeyed up to good ol' Norfolk for some quality, pre-baby time!

We couldn't resist a chalkboard photo op!!

As the sky was grey and the air was cold, we took them to the biggest Beer warehouse in England: Beers of Europe.  It's just up the road from us but we never knew it was there until last weekend!  B and Graham stocked up - I even got myself a Non-Alcholic Kopparberg pear cider!

Whenever we get together, we tend to spend most of our time focused on good food and good conversation.  Quite frankly, I don't think there's much that could be classed as "better" in life!

The Weekend 
(According to our stomachs)

Saturday Breakfast:  I made my favourite recipe of Waffles with cream and berries and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (probably the best gift we could have received from our houseguests!)
Saturday Lunch: B grilled some Sea Bass with lemon, rosemary, basil and thyme and we enjoyed some potato salad and greek salad.  I had grilled haulloumi - always a favourite for the vegetarians at the BBQ!  (In typical British fashion, we braved the cool weather and sat outside, wrapped up until the sun came out!).

Saturday Drinks:  We have enjoyed drinks on the quay before, but the weather was not kind to us.  We opted for the upstairs lounge in Marriot's Warehouse in King's Lynn.  It was a lovely place for a quick drink and the menu looked amazing!
Saturday Dinner:  Our favourite - Middleton Steakhouse.  We love this place as it's basic food done really well for a good price.  I always opt for the Piri Piri Vegetarian burger, but the meat eaters in our crew *loved* the ribs and fries.  Not to mention the ice cream on the pudding menu!

(Watch England shamefully lose to Italy in the World Cup)

Sunday Breakfast:   Priors Sausage, scrambled eggs and Tiger Bread
We then went to Sandringham for a little wander - B and I are going to get a season pass so we can have access to the gardens whilst the baby is a newborn.  What better place to go for a walk than the Queen's estate?
Sunday Lunch:  Cream teas at the Castle Rising Tea Rooms - probably the best place you can go in the area for a cuppa and conversation - again, what a shame we couldn't enjoy the sunshine in their garden!

It's ALWAYS great fun when we get to see Jen and Graham - it's even better when we get to enjoy such lovely eating opportunities.  The next time we meet, we will have a little one (or two!) in tow!  I can't wait for the babies to become besties!

All good weekends are followed by good weeks!  We have something really exciting scheduled this week - I can't wait to share it in my next post!  Not to mention the imminent arrival of Baby McBerry!  It could be any day now!

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