Saturday, 21 June 2014

37 weeks: Ready to Pop!

How far along:  Thirty-seven Weeks!
Weight Gain:  34 pounds!
Maternity Clothes: I may finally get to wear my shorts this weekend as it's finally warming up!  I am having a real issue with shoes though as I've now swelled out of my wide fit shoes I bought around Easter time.  There is now only a flip flop option as part of my wardrobe. Pray for no rain?
Stretch Marks:  None!  I feel very fortunate that this hasn't been one of my symptoms!
Belly Button: Out and a little bit wonky!  It seems to point off to the left a bit. I think that's because Baby McB likes to push and prod my right side. B thinks it likes my liver - maybe it's warm.  
Queasy or Sick:   Just exhausted! 
Sleep:  I've started waking up four to five times a night needing the loo. That's REALLY annoying as every time my feet hit the floor it's like stepping on millions of tiny daggers. Plus the real HEAVE of getting myself up. 
Best Moment of the Week:  On Thursday, B and I went to London to the US Consulate for his immigration visa interview!  Don't get me wrong, the actual process was drawn out and horribly frustrating, but just the knowledge that the interview was the last step had me leaping (as much as I could) with joy. We aren't in the clear yet for a visa, but hopefully soon.  We celebrated anyways with a  cup of tea and macaroons at Laduree in Harrods. B did - after all - pass his second USMLE exam with flying colour!
Worst Moment of the Week:  QUEUING at the US Consulate. There must have been 300 people there at 7:30 when we arrived. There was nowhere to sit, so we stood for a good hour. Then, you sat in an airport style waiting room listening to an awful "ding" "ding" "ding" every time a number came up. It was a long, long wait and my feet definitely took one for the team. Poor things. 
Miss Anything:  Being able to move rather than waddle/limp?
Movement:  I met with my midwife on Tuesday and she said baby was head down, hence the tickling I'm getting under my bump and urge to have a wee every ten minutes.  I've started to get the Braxton Hicks tightening across my bump- I'm finding that really uncomfortable.  
Cravings:   Cold drinks - especially fruit smoothies. B made me an awesome watermelon, apple, strawberry and spinach smoothie on Friday for breakfast. I could have just melted. It was gorgeous and actually managed to quench my thirst!
Looking forward to:  This week is my last official week of work.  One of my new colleagues for next year is starting on Monday and will be taking lessons and classes from me throughout the week- really I'm only teaching two or three lessons this week.  I'm quite overwhelmed as I have a lot to do before I go, but I also know that the end is now eminent. I have to give up my OCD control over my desk and where things are. I've surrendered job responsibilities.  I'm leaving keys. I'm turning my email off of my phone. It's actually really sad....but I know maternity leave is one of the most important things in the world, and I'm so lucky I get five months of it. 

Today we popped into the Old Stores in Roydon to pick up my mason jar glasses.  If you are in the area, you must pop in as everything is just gorgeous.  I had to restrict myself to just the jars and a wedding card today.  I could do some serious damage in there.  Check them out on Facebook - it's that quintessentially English look to a T!

B and I are taking some time off from socialising this weekend as it could be one of our last before Baby McBerry joins us.  There's plenty of rest and relaxation scheduled (for me) and pottering in the garden (for B).  We are BBQing this evening and we even have s'mores (I cannot actually contain my excitement!) made with Ritz crackers.  Trust me.  Ritz crackers are where it's at.

Happy Weekend!

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