Sunday, 5 January 2014

Baby McBerry: Estimated Arrival July 2014!

B and I are SO excited to announce we will be welcoming to the world a BABY MCBERRY in July!
I have to admit, I was shocked when we found out.  I felt strange and I knew something wasn't quite right, but I didn't expect the test to be positive!

For those who don't know, leading up to our wedding B wanted to join our surnames together to form the hybrid "McBerry."  I wasn't entertaining the idea as I was happy to get off the pound saver menu, but during the speeches at the wedding it caught on and EVERYONE toasted the McBerrys.

But let's talk about this pregnancy.  

How far along:  Thirteen Weeks! 
Weight Gain:  I've LOST a few pounds.  Thanks a lot, morning sickness.
Maternity Clothes:  I've been PJs for SEVEN weeks and leggings when I can leave the house.
Stretch Marks:  Nope, but I've got some Mustela cream on standby.  My skin is feeling super dry with the winter months so I've been using Winter Candy Apple body cream  (sold out it seems!) from Bath and Body works - smelling and feeling yummy.
Belly Button:  In!
Queasy or Sick:  Yes.  Just yes.  More below.
Sleep:  I love sleeping at the moment. I need 9 or 10 hours as well.  And when I'm asleep, I'm out.  No waking up or anything!  It's GREAT.
Best Moment of the Week:  On Friday I was driving to get some fennel (mad craving for THIS salad) and I suddenly realised - no nausea.  Nothing.  It was the first time I felt 100% OK in SEVEN WEEKS.
Worst Moment of the Week:  Waking up this morning and still being sick.
Miss Anything:  Normalcy?  Does that count?
Movement:  Early days. I can certainly tell there's something going in there though.
Cravings:  Orange everything.  Orange juice.  Orange soda.  Orange and fennel salad...
Looking forward to:  Going back to work!  Being forced to stay home was awful - I can't wait to get back to my department and the kids.

It was my intention to update the chalkboard weekly and then take a bump photo.  Yea....that's not happening when I've not showered.  I'll get on that in the next few days!
Now let's talk about this morning sickness.  
What a joke.  A joke that isn't funny AT ALL.

I've been suffering since Monday 18 November when I was six weeks.  I dragged myself to work and my show - MY SHOW!

By Thanksgiving, enough was enough, I went to the Doctors and was referred to the hospital.  I had keytones in my urine in addition to a possible UTI - I was severely dehydrated because of all of the nausea and vomiting.  Nothing was staying down.

I went straight to the Surgical Assessment Unit at the QEH.  I was put on a drip and given *great* drugs to relieve the sickness.  I've got to give the NHS a massive hand - they have been amazing over the past few weeks.

"You have the same thing Kate Middleton had!"  Thanks, Doctor.  Still doesn't make it any more glamourous.  

One of the worries with nausea in early pregnancy is a) twins or b) a molar pregnancy.  I wouldn't have minded twins (especially as I've said to B "NEVER AGAIN" numerous times a day), but a molar pregnancy is just plain awful.  

We went for the scan and all of the worries and sickness just sort of vanished - we saw the most amazing thing:  our baby.  It was tiny but had a wickedly strong heartbeat - it was racing a million miles a minute!  I nearly cried.  THAT little thing was causing all of this?!

Please excuse my awful appearance....

Once home I struggled with the sickness all of December.  I have been to and fro the surgery and the hospital for scans and appointments and check ups.  We got to see our little one again and are getting another peak on Friday.

The medication I have been on for the past seven weeks stops the vomiting MOSTLY but doesn't do much for the nausea.    And of those people who tell you 
"Oh, you should try this..." or "I never had any sickness..."
Yea.  I hate you.  
We tried everything.  There is no such thing as a "cure" for morning sickness.
Ginger.  Eating before getting up. Small meals.  Sea sickness bands.  Fluids.  Cold food.  Hard candy.  Peppermint.  Vitamin B6.  Lemon.

The only time I ever get a little bit of relief was when I use our new Zoku Slush maker with Lipton Iced Tea.  I'm still working on getting my appetite back, but I finally want food - and I think that's a massive step forward.  Eating is a challenge, but I always feel better for it after. Small meals do work!

It's been a horrible few weeks.  I've never felt so low and so consistently worn down and exhausted before.  I don't like to sit, but most days I haven't been able to shower or get out of my PJs.  I would sleep, stare blankly and just wallow.  My mom took to phoning me at about 12:30 every day to check on me.  B was actually spraying me with the shower hose as I couldn't stand up and wash myself.   I missed Thanksgiving, the build up to Christmas and countless other things.

Everyone says it gets better - and I'm starting to believe them.  Finally, I feel a bit of relief.  Hopefully I can turn these feelings around and start loving pregnancy.  I've been so jealous of all of those glowing mums to be with their cute bumps...walking done...vomit free.  Pretty soon that's going to be me!

Let's get this baby cooked and out of the oven!  Only 27 weeks to go!

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  1. I loved reading this! I am so glad you are starting to feel better! Love you all! Sending prayers and hugs your way! -Jen "Fruitcake"