Tuesday, 21 January 2014

London, Baby!

On Friday I joined B in London town for a weekend away!  We were meant to celebrate our anniversary with a weekend away, but my sickness kept us house-bound.  B was sitting his USMLE on Friday (After MONTHS AND MONTHS of preparation), so we rolled the two into one!

He is going to do a guest post soon as there is nothing out there for Brits who want to sit the US Medical exam.  My mom hooked B up with an elective in America last Easter, so he had loads of advice from Americans just out of their exam period.  Fortunately, he also befriended a fellow Doctor here who sat the USMLE and leant him loads of resources and gave him great advice.  Stay tuned!

How fabulous is the London Underground for their Baby buttons? You can get them from any Tube station, but busy stations tend to run out of stock quickly.  We were staying near Bayswater, so they had loads spare.  Let's face it - there are seats for pregnant women, women with small kids or the elderly.  In a coat you can't tell - I wore it with pride!

I was quite pleased that I was never left standing on the tube.  There were always seats available, so I was quite lucky.  Even though I'm miles better than I was, I wasn't really able to walk around and enjoy London for all it's worth - which was a real shame.

I was desperate to visit Victoria's Secret while we were in London.  I am a snob and I only wear their bras - too bad I HATED the shop.  It was too big, with too many people and way too much stock!  I found a really helpful girl who took pity on my fear and anxiety and pointed me in the right direction. It's worth a visit, but maybe go when it first opens so you aren't smooshed up against the walls.

The other highlight was our trip to Harrods for tea and macaroons at Laduree.  I begged B to take me when we went to Paris for my birthday two years ago - I think he enjoyed it more than I did!  He was more than happy for a tea break (typical Brit)!

We enjoyed some Caramel, Rose, Vanilla and Green Apple macaroons with Orange blossom tea and I had the Melange special.  Pure bliss.  And let's be honest - nothing says luxury quite like afternoon tea at Harrods.

I wish we could have caught a show or gone out for drinks, but the sad reality is that we were back and in bed by 9:00 every night.  I was an achey, sick mess and I think B was just shattered following revision.

The one treat we did manage to sneak is was a cheeky visit to Tinsletown in Bayswater for some proper American Malted Milkshakes.  It was so packed so we took ours to go. In spite of the freezing temperature, it was a lovely treat!


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