Sunday, 13 July 2014

Forty weeks and STILL PREGNANT

How far along:  FORTY Weeks!  Woo hoo!
Weight Gain:   36 pounds.  That's enough really. 
Maternity Clothes: I'm beyond sick of them.  I miss my normal shirts and shoes. I'll keep the maternity jeans though. They are just plain comfy. 
Stretch Marks:  Sides, boobs and nice new ones appearing around my belly button....I'm loving them, can you tell?
Belly Button: Turning a lovely shade of purple....and constantly sticking out like a little tongue....the mockery!!
Queasy or Sick:   Nausea - especially in the night. Heartburn is particularly awful (hello, new BFF Gaviscon). Vomit just hanging out.  General grouchiness and catty behaviour?  Pregnancy rage is back and it's back with a vengeance. 
Sleep:  What a joke. It's a serious design fault that you lose the ability to sleep when you deserve it the most. I'm getting very little (if any) and definitely not enough. 
Best Moment of the Week:  B finally has his American Visa. Thank goodness for that process being over!  Now we just need to sort Baby out as an American/Brit.  How cool is that?
Worst Moment of the Week:  Being stuck inside for most of the week due to the foul weather - cold and rainy in mid July. I especially love how my car window was left open - I cannot believe how absorbent those seats are.  I'm sure moving to England was a good idea....remind me again why I did it?
Miss Anything:  I miss everything about not being pregnant. 
Movement:  Of course. Baby is just reminding me that it's squatting and has no intention of vacating my uterus any time soon.  
Cravings:   Feeling like a human being again. 
Looking forward to:  NOT being pregnant!

 I was totally convinced baby would make an early appearance. In fact, it never crossed my mind that I could go OVER my due date. 

And here we are. 

We've prepared and then prepared again - just because we had time. Some of the things we have done in preparation for Baby McB has been batch cooking and scouting for baby clothes.

We have always been into batch cooking, as this was a great way to eat whilst living apart and a great way to save money.  We've made Shepherds Pie (with Quorn mince instead of beef), Breakfast Egg and Veggie wraps and Breakfast Egg and (veggie) Sausage sandwiches.  I'm also planning a Lasagna, Thai Green Curry and Bolognese sauce.

The freezer is packed, which isn't hard to do here in England where you don't get much space in your basic fridge-freezer. I'm looking forward to some easy meals once our hands are full - hopefully we have the time and will about us to ensure the freezer meals keep replenishing!

And even more exciting than the food - the sales are on!  Baby clothes are on sale, summer clothes are dwindling down (never mind we never got to wear them here in rainy England) and - oh, the excitement - Autumn clothes are out!! 

The downside - all of these great clothes are gendered!  Oh, how I wish we knew if baby is a boy or a girl!  I have my guess, but I'm not sure it's worth stocking up on some of these gorgeous finds only to have to return half of them!  These are my favourites at the moment: 

Boat ShoesVarsity CardiganGiletStriped Body SuitsNavy and White CardiganCheck overallsMint Polo OnesieStriped Onesie
(Some of the links aren't working properly in spite of my many efforts to load and upload the links! Apologies!)

I cannot wait to do some proper shopping!

So the waiting game continues! I'm pretty uncomfortable, not sleeping, feeling stretched, strained and just plain exhausted.

Come on, Baby McBerry.  We're all so excited to meet you!

In the meantime, Friends is on Comedy Central and they are having a Pregnancy marathon!  Slightly ironic....but geese, I totally get it!!

Let's hope this is my LAST Pregnancy post!

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