Monday, 2 September 2013

Autumn Wish List

If I must say goodbye to the summer (as it is now 9:30 and I have just finished my work for the day), I have to look forward to something that ISN'T schoolwork.

I LOVE Autumn in America.  The pumpkin and spice and football and leaves and coziness.   

I don't live in America.  And in England, Autumn is wet.  And BORING.

So what am I looking forward to this Autumn?

B loves his walks but I'm not entirely keen as I hate getting cold and muddy.  Wellies have been a lifesaver when we have gone out at about.  Whether we head to the beach or the woods - Hunter Wellies get me through the mud!
I have incredibly dry skin and was devastated to learn that Johnson's 24 Hour Moisturiser has been pulled from the shelves.  This Nivea moisturiser is salvation in a tube - especially once the heating and tights go on!
Slow Cooker and Slow Cooker Recipes
The only good thing about the cooler weather is the return of the slow cooker.  Warm dinners are on the cards.  We typically buy LOADS of vegetables and spend a day chopping, peeling and bagging.  These bags are then frozen and they emerge on a morning when I can't be bothered to cook!  They get popped into the slow cooker and that's it!  Dinner at 5!
The weather is turning and cold feet are unhappy feet.  These socks from Next look blissful!
They are here.  I am cartwheeling inside!
Stabilo Pens
Autumn means back to school and new school supplies.  New pens for marking work and books and doodling.  I think these will be mostly used for doodling.
I just ordered a fabulous garland from Pom Pom Studios - Sarah is brilliant.  She was so helpful and sent me colours based on my colour inspiration.  I sent her this image:

And this arrived!

I cannot wait to put this up in the dining room!

OK - maybe I am ready to let go of summer and embrace Autumn!

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  1. I'm reading this with the patio doors wide open, blue sky, sun shining and a predicted 25 degrees about to happen. I'm SO not ready for fall and hope the weather agrees with me just a wee bit longer. ;)