Thursday, 30 May 2013

Let's get back to the world of blogging

I've taken a long (and not entirely restful) break from the world of blogging.  I've been reading blogs and thinking about blogs, but I haven't managed to find the time to actually commit to my own blog.

There are plenty of arguments out there against the world of blogging - how unrealistic they are and how writer's only focus on the highlights of their lives, painting a perfect picture for readers - making readers feel the inadequacies of their own lives.  I disagree.  As a blogger, it makes you look for the positives and focus on the happy moments you want to share.  Where there is happiness, more happiness follows.

I'm making a belated new year's resolution. I want to make more of the positives.  Make more of an effort to reflect on the good in a day.

What better time than halfway through the year?

SO much has happened since I've been away.

I've moved house with B.  We are still trying to make it a home, but it's big, warm and far nicer than anything I've ever lived in in England! More on that in a future post!

We got married!  That will take a post or two I'm sure.

We went on Honeymoon to the Maldives!  Kuramathi Island Resort was the ultimate holiday.  I even went snorkelling!

B completed Med school!  Finally, Dr B!

We had a second wedding in Ohio with the Americans.  So many familiar faces and happy memories made.  I miss my American friends and family more than ever.

B stayed with my parents and had a crash course in the American system in preparation for a potential big move!  He was able to be a part of the family and attended my brother's graduation!

Nothing much has changed in the world of work.  I love my colleagues and love my job - stressful as it is, I've got a great support network.

I have so much in my life to be thankful for.  Hopefully I can share more of that with the blogging community!


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