Sunday, 17 August 2014

Happy One Month Birthday, Emma Rose!

How Old:   1 month!
Weight:  7 lb 15 oz

Likes:   Cuddles, the play gym, rides in the car (trees are AMAZING - not to mention the BUMPY roads in and out of our village), white noise - particularly the fan setting on our Sound Sleeper app, the Mamaroo and John Denver.

Dislikes:  The bassinet for the pram (although she DID manage a walk to the shop in it before having a mini meltdown) and baths (I think this is also turning around!), waiting to be fed and being changed.  What can I say. She knows what she likes and she lets us know. 

Eating:  Emma *loves* eating. We have breastfeeding down now - although I'd like to get through a session without covering myself in milk. We have had a few days of cluster feeding, a few days of projectile vomiting - I think it's all been a bit trying for both of us. The goal is to get her feeding without shields - she doesn't like that idea. 
Sleeping: We know the difference between night and day (I think) as she is sleeping for longer stretches at night. She still wakes herself up with the moro reflex - I think she's having nightmares about baths - but she is getting better at self soothing. She hates lying flat - we really need to get her happy in the cradle or else she'll never like the crib!
Routine:  We aren't fully in a routine at the moment, but we are getting there. We aim to be up at 7 or 8 and then feed every three hours. This doesn't always work as she is sleeping for longer stretches at night, plus cluster feeding. 
Sizes:  We are just growing out of newborn clothes and heading into size 0/1 Month!  Hooray!  Still in newborn Nappy sized 1 (the tinest available - Boots brand). 
Milestones:  Her neck control is incredible. She has always been inquisitive, but she has a real strength to her and will pull her head when on your shoulder or look towards bright lights. She definitely recognises my voice - I'm not sure if that means she knows me, but it feels like she does! 
Mum's favourite moment:  We had a few days of just the two of us as B was working night shifts.  On his first night back with us, he took over the soothing after a feed and was singing "Country Roads" to her.  She loved it - she smiled and fell straight to sleep. It was adorable and really showed what a great job B is doing at this Dad stuff.  

Dad's favourite moment:  Direct quote "I know it sounds soppy but I get a little mushy when she holds my finger and smiles."  

I'm in LOVE with top knot headbands.  Emma will be rocking these OFTEN if I have my way! She doesn't seem to like hats, but the headbands are going down a treat!

And what about Mum?
Weight loss:  Gained 36 and lost 22!!! 14 to go!
Clothes: I fit into *most* of my pre pregnancy clothes but nursing means I can wear very few of them. I'm living in vest tops at the moment for easy access. My section wound makes bottoms (and knickers!!) difficult to wear - so maternity jeans and PJ bottoms are most comfortable.
Stretch Marks:  They aren't that bad...visible - but not bad. I found a new one on the inside of my thigh - I missed it due to the bump!  I'm still applying stretch mark oil in hopes it may lighten them. 
Belly Button: I'm an innie again!  Don't get me wrong, it's still a vast belly button....but it's returning to a somewhat "me" shape!
Sleep:  B and I are getting a good stretches over night (she slept SEVEN hours last night!).  I'm not great at napping in the day, but some days I've really REALLY needed it. Fortunately, between B, his parents and my mom, I've been able to go to bed between feeds. Thank God for grandparents!!! 
Looking forward to:  October and introducing Emma to my American family! 

I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for us!  It's hard to believe she is already one month old!


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